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Thursday, Oct 31, 2019 - 03:24:16 pm

@ N1902524A

The main question for the Lapse project id “Does technology help us to remember, or to forget?”

They challenge this thought by taking places around Singapore and displaying them so that they can be editable and can even be taken away.  They do take away big landmarks and people can come and see how this unfold through different lapses in time. Read more →

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Dear Amanda,   Re: What I would like to see is that One of the landmarks from the exhibition that has been demolished., you may want to see this: AES sold these printed as real postcards in special kiosks.

Reading Assignment Reflection

Charmaine Chan

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 09:52:38 pm


I find this particular article very interesting. To many, games are just games. A mere form of entertainment to pass time. Children find them fun while parents think games are bad influence. However beyond everything games are more than just what we see on the surface. Different games have different appeals, each creating their own little world where players get Read more →

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Y2S1 | Interactive Media 1 | Reading Assignment | A Companion to Digital Art


Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 09:48:23 pm



In ADM, we study the history of art during our first year. As we dive into our second year of school, we study the history of design which covers interactive media, product design, and visual communications. So, what is the difference between art history and history of design? And why are histories of design (in this case, interactive media), other Read more →

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Reading Assignment

Shin Yi

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 09:20:54 pm

@ jupjuppanda

What is this reading about?

This part of the reading generally focuses on the idea of Virtual Reality (VR) and how it was developed and explored since the time of Cold War. VR was actually first developed by the military for the purpose of simulation of war scenarios and Read more →

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DM2000 Interactive I: Reading Assignment

How Yee Teng

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 08:41:43 pm

@ howyeeteng

Stephen Wilson’s Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science and, Technology was the reading that caught my eye out of those in the bibliography list. As someone from a science background, I’ve always been interested in the intersections of art and science and how I can utilise my scientific knowledge in the area of art and design. As the book Read more →

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Reading Assignment Reflection - Steve Dixon's Digital Performance: A History of New Media In Theatre, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation


Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 08:13:31 pm

@ Donut Disturb

For this book, I find it very interesting to learn how the past decade has been intensely dedicated to experimentation with computer technology within the performing arts. The entire book talks about how digital media has been vastly used and explored within live theatre and dance, resulting in new forms of interactive performances that have emerged in these participatory installations, executed Read more →

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Reading Assignment: A Companion to Digital Art


Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019 - 01:02:02 am

@ ashley

A Companion to Digital Art

A Companion to Digital Art is one of the many Companions to Art History reference volumes. Edited by Christine Paul, it is the view of the histories, aesthetics, politics and the issues that come with the presentation, collection, and preservation of digital art.

Enabling the Future, or How to Survive FOREVER

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Reading Assignment: Art and the Internet


Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019 - 12:53:56 pm

@ MintyMindy

With browsing the internet has become more of a mundane activity in our daily lives, it is also appropriate that art has been incorporated into it as well. Several significant publications dedicated to Internet art or “Art and the Internet”, has surfaced on the international market. Publications such as one reviewed here “Art and the Internet” by Phoeboe Stubbs, London Read more →

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Review of "Video Games and Computer Holding Power" by Sherry Turkle

Peisen Xu

Monday, Oct 28, 2019 - 03:48:51 pm

@ Silence

Video Games and Computer Holding Power is an essay by Sherry Turkle in her book The Second Self published in 1984. In her essay, she focused on how the power of computer affects people’s psychological state through video games. Specifically, she compared video games to traditional, physical game experiences such as pinball, Dungeons and Dragons and Disneyland, to show how computers Read more →

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Reading Assignment - Information Arts, Intersections of Art Science and Technology


Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 - 07:06:56 pm

@ Raw & Ugly !

Stephen Wilson’s Information Arts, Intersections of Art Science and Technology is an expansive books that covers many topics, and this essay is devoted to chapter 5, titled “Kinetics, Sound Installations, and Robots”.

Robots in Contemporary Society

In our modern technologically advanced societies, robots have slowly become prevalent. They are mostly invisible; in our transportation systems, computer systems, art, movies and Read more →

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