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Exploratory Research

Nur Azizah

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 - 05:19:12 pm

@ azxzah

Previously, in Task 1A, I mentioned that I wanted to do about screen time; how it is affecting us and what can be done to reduce screen time. However the topic was too broad and I could not decide which segment I want to focus on.

Hence, I selected my other option which is Oral Health. Oral Health or dental care Read more →


1B – Exploratory Research

Jia Ying

Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019 - 12:41:26 pm

@ Jiaying


Responses on 15 September 2019 : 36

The topic I am working on is about dying dialects in Singapore. I have identified my target audience as young adults between the age of 16- 29. This survey that I have conducted aims to find out what younger generation think of the issue of dying dialects in Singapore. Through the survey, Read more →