Spatial Design (DV3003) Course Description

In this intermediate to advanced course, you will explore the conceptual, three-dimensional and experiential solutions for built environments. By combining theory and practice-based research, you will receive an overview of spatial design strategies and practices. You will investigate the application of a variety of media to three dimensional spaces. This course further explores the spatial issues of scale, structure, form, materiality, light and kinaesthetic principles in spatial design projects such as visual merchandising, experience branding, place-making and way-finding.

Project 1 Navigating the Wild Environmental Placemaking @Labrador Nature Reserves (Click on images to view project outcomes)

Design Challenge
To enhance existing environmental placemaking programme at Labrador Park with aim to:
– Develop and propose a captivating visual identity to foster a distinct place identity;
– Create an appropriate and coherent visual vocabulary that captures the essence of the site and complement its surrounding features.
– Facilitate ease of identification and navigating the site; making site more user friendly.


Project 2 Activating Space: Place, Narrative and Experience @Labrador Nature Reserves (Click on images to view project outcomes)


Design Challenge
To develop content, aesthetic encounters or intervention that activates the site with the following objectives:
– Foster positive and memorable identity/ experience;
– Promote sociability;
– Value add to the place with originality.