Guest Lecture 1

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Automated Utopia

Bin Ong Kian Peng

20 March, 6PM

A common theme surrounding the advent of Artificial intelligence is the fear that machines will one day take over humans. The binary way of thinking—between us or them presents a future scenario where the world might be taken over by machines. How far is this from the truth? The promise that Artificial Intelligence will make our lives easier might very well cause us the loss of agency in our lives. Yet, there is huge potential in it that can further enhance human capabilities. This is only possible through a collaborative and complementary relationship between man and machine. How can we work together? Or can we not? Automated Utopia attempts to unpack this question by offering new perspectives through an artistic lens. This lecture will examine the fallacies and promise that AI holds through a series of art works that looks at areas in AI and machine learning in a critical way.

What is AI?
Historical overview on AI
East vs West perspectives on AI
Presentation of Art works dealing with AI
Discussions on the automated future

ASSIGNMENT (will be posted with details)
Reflections on the lecture @ OSS
Deadline: 17 April

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