Displacement in the Third Space

By: Randall Packer |

For our warmup micro-project, we will use Twitter to displace ourselves in the third space. Be sure you have a Twitter account and the Twitter app on your phone. Each student will take their phone or computer to a place that has special significance, photograph the space, and describe what you are doing via the #ossntu Twitter hashtag. You don’t need to explain the significance of the place, just go there and go about whatever actions (or non-actions) you would normally do, while conversing and describing your place with other students. The place might be the library, a cafĂ©, the roof of ADM, or some hidden spot on campus where you like to go. Everyone needs to go to a unique place, so don’t go in groups. Remember to use the Twitter hashtag #ossntu with every tweet so that everyone can follow on the #ossntu feed. You can tweet while in route, but once you have arrived, post a photo and share where you located. As we tweet, respond to those of others, so that a conversation emerges as we are displaced from one another. You can access the feed on your phone or computer by enter the #ossntu hashtag in the search field. When we return to class, we will describe what we learned about each other through the places we choose, as well as examine the dynamics and quality of social interaction in the third space.


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