Micro-project V: Virtual Soundscape

By: Randall Packer |

Virtual Soundscape: Using only Soundcloud and a smart phone, narrate an approximately two-minute walk: no editing, cuts, or montage, a real-time recording. The goal of the project is to disrupt the “reality” of the situation by superimposing a fictitious spoken narrative, In other words, invent a narrative that transforms the environment, creating instead, an imaginary soundscape that you invent yourself. For example, if you are walking down the street and there is loud construction, or rain falling, or children playing, you insert your own interpretation, layering into the situation something disturbing, jarring, nonsensical, humorous, strange, etc. You are essentially changing the context of what we hear and transforming it into a new scenario of your own invention. You can either plan out the narrative in advance, or make it up on the spot, reacting and improvising to the sounds around you. This is an opportunity to explore the juxtaposition of the virtual and the real, the fictional and the actual, and the imaginary and the concrete. It is an exploration of the malleability of realty: to layer the soundscape, to create a virtual situation from fictional narrative. When you have completed the Virtual Soundscape (you may try multiple takes), upload the final piece to Soundcloud, embed it in a blog post, and write a short description (stay in character) as a caption.

To create your Soundscape, do the following:

  • Create a Soundcloud account
  • Download the Soundcloud mobile app to your smart phone
  • Record your approximately two minute walk
  • At the conclusion, stop, take a photograph, combine the image with your sound, and document the location
  • Upload the sound to Soundcloud immediately or until you have cell phone or wireless reception
  • If you are not happy with the recording, follow the steps again
  • Embed the finished recording into a blog post
  • Write a short description of the project
  • Create a “Soundcloud” category
  • Publish your post

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