Micro-project VII: Net Appropriation

By: Randall Packer |

Net Appropriation: Media artist and software designer August Black from Cycling ’74 will lead us in a workshop/project exploration net appropriation. Using the maxurl object from Max/MSP/Jitter, the project will involve appropriation from the Flickr API, exploring collective narrative and its integration with real-time media processing.

Here is a short video introduction of Max:

August will discuss the language, space, and frameworks of the Web while demonstrating the maxurl object of Max/MSP.   He will then lead the class through the development of a patch that searches the flickr photo space in order to retrieves images for subsequent artistic appropriation.

In Class Workshop

  • Introduce the patch, which uses two api’s: flickr and wit
  • Build up the flickr search part
  • Build the part that parses the search and then uses maxurl to request images
  • Add in the “moviemaker” part that just loads and plays the images as frames of a movie
  • Add the WIT voice recognition part so you can speak the search term for your ongoing “movie”

Take Home Work

First, download the new updated patch from Dropbox, called FlickrSearch+++. Be sure it looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-09-24 16.01.06

The patch is based on August’s original Flickr Search and is self-explanatory with instructions for both audio and visual manipulation. Note that I have added an audio component and an oscilloscope so that you can see the waveform for audio that is being generated by the Flickr images. Experiment with the patch, adjust the various parameters, and create a recording. Once you are done with the recording upload it to Vimeo and embed in your Micro-project assignment post. I would like to see everyone write about the project, the idea of appropriation of real-time images via the net via search, as well as the idea of generating audio based on visual information. The latter is an interesting aspect of data, which can be transposed from one media type to another.

Here is my remix: