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Artworks for Review

(Week 3) The Collective Artwork

(Week 4) Data Visualization

(Week 5) The Third Space

(Week 6) Glitch Aesthetics

(Week 7) Private vs. Public

(Week 9) Identity Multiples

(Week 10) Social Networks

(Week 11) Database Narrative

Suggested Artworks


Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:

Technical Resources:

New Media Arts Organizations:

  •, resource for new media, Museum of Contemporary Art, NY
  • Furtherfield, resource for new media in London
  • Eyebeam, media center in New York City
  • Steim, studio for electro-acoustic music in Amsterdam
  • ZKM, Center for Art & Media in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Arts Electronica, media arts museum and festival in Linz, Austria
  • International Society for the Electronic Arts, annual media arts festival and conference
  • V2_Institute for Unstable Media, interdisciplinary center for art and media in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • CRUMB, curating new media listserv
  • Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), supports artists and creative practitioners engaging with science and technology, within Australia and beyond.
  • Digicult, is an “open publishing” project and a Network of authors fully open and directed towards the nationally and internationally promotion and dissemination of digital culture and electronic art.

Web 2.0, Telemecommunications and Social Media Resources:

  • Vimeo, video repository and social media site
  • Soundcloud, audio repository and social media site
  • WordPress, dynamic authoring system
  • Twitter, social media site
  • Adobe Connect, multi-user telecommunications software
  • YouTube, video repository and social media site
  • Flickr, image repository and social media site
  • New Livestream,real-time, live Internet broadcasting