Group Project Critique


Week 12: November 5 – 11

Students will present their work towards the final project for group critique. We will also work on exhibition planning and final projects.


Due: November 11

Final Project

The class exhibition will open on Tuesday, November 11th (exact time: TBA). See the Final Project in Project Assignments for additional information.

Due: November 13, 12pm

Project Hyperessay V: Conclusion

The concluding installment of the Project Hyperessay will summarize your final project.This is an opportunity to reflect on the evolution of your project, how you would assess the outcome of the project, what you learned from its development. See Project Hyperessay in Project Assignments for more information.


Missing Assignments

Review any missing assignments over the past few weeks and be sure to hand in for credit. Also, if anyone has not yet been able to complete the Net Appropriation micro-project, see me for help.

Due Dates

Be sure everyone is clear on upcoming due dates for the Final Project (Tuesday, November 11th) and the Conclusion for the Project Hyperessay (Wednesday, November 12th) and any late assignments. I will be doing my grades on Thursday, November 13th and flying back to Washington, DC on Friday, November 14th.

Final Project Presentations

Each student will present for 5 minutes from their Project Page / Project Hyperessays, followed by discussion/critique.


Here are all the items we need to review:

  • Email me all graphics and URLs for the exhibition home page. MJ and I will finish up by tomorrow.
  • Finalize the exact time of the exhibition. Coordinate with schedules.
  • I will work with Ruzana and Shar to create a Facebook event page for the exhibition. Be sure we have all the necessary information: graphic, title, times, and description.
  • We will use the Facebook event page to create an email invitation to go out to ADM faculty and students.
  • Diana and Jun will coordinate all logistics for the physical exhibition, including their works, labels, electrical, etc. Create a detailed layout/diagram with all installation elements, cabling, etc.
  • Juan and I are available to help with projects. Schedule times if needed.

Work on Projects

The remaining time will be spent working on projects and the above exhibition items.

Beer / Pizza Party

Next Wednesday, November 12th, 7:30 – 10:30, we will meet at my apartment: 53B Nanyang Valley (Block 4, near Canteen 1) for beer and pizza