Group Project Review


Week 8: October 8 – 14

Prepare a 5-minute presentation of your final project idea for class presentation, exploring the key concept, focusing on the project’s influences based on lectures, readings, and artworks discussed in the course, and how it would be collaborative with the class. How does the concept of the project draw from and critique the various issues we have explored relating to online culture? How does the work incorporate technical and aesthetic methods discussed? And finally, how does the project bridge your own practice with net-related ideas and concerns. The goal of the presentation is to demonstrate how each student has assimilated course concepts and reintroduced them in their own work. Prepare notes for your presentation and illustrative images that support your discussion, video (optional) and post in the first installment of your Project Hyperessay.

See the Project Hyperessay assignment for detailed information.


Due: October 15


Painting With Data: A Conversation with Lev Manovich by Randall Packer

Research Post VI: Data Culture

We will look at three Lev Manovich recent projects for our next research post. Post your hyperessay of approximately 400 words on your blog using relevant hyperlinks, images, video, etc, and remember to add a featured image and to use the “Research” category. You will be expected to share your research post in next week’s class discussion. Refer to next week’s syllabus page on Data Culture for more information on the Life 2.0 documentary.

  1. Shar, Jun: Phototrails (2013)
  2. Ruzana, MJ: SelfieCity (2014)
  3. Diana, John: The Exceptional and the Everyday: 144 hours in Kiev (2014)

Project Hyperessay II: The Role of the Viewer

As we develop our concepts towards the realization of an exhibition, we are now concerned primarily with the role of the viewer. This will help us understand if and how each work involves the viewer as a participant in the work. See Project Hyperessay in Project Assignments for more information. Be sure and continue commenting on other hyperessays in order to think about the final project exhibition.



Net Appropriation Micro-project

Review the Net Appropriation take home micro-project assignment from our session with August Black of Cycling ’74.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.14.52

We will overview the patch that I revised, talk about its functionality and intent in terms of appropriating, remixing, and transforming net appropriated Flickr materials via the API. Juan will expand on the javascript code and how it interacts with the Flickr API. I will discuss audio and video manipulation in Max/MSP/Jitter and together we will record and upload a video.

Project Hyperessay, Part I: Concept presentations

We will review each of the first installments of the Project Hyperessay. Use your Web document for the presentation, stepping us through any images, videos, etc., for illustration. Refer to the home page to view the Project Hyperessays.

Final Project Exhibition

We will then discuss ideas for an end of the semester exhibition of final projects. My thought is to have everyone do their own work, but then stage it collaboratively, perhaps in the ADM lobby, as a “OSS Pop-up Show.” We will discuss and explore this idea, to get everyone’s input. To be continued next week.