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Emulation of Echo Temple


Thursday, Nov 20, 2014 - 05:09:23 am

@ wphua002

This is the emulation of echo temple.

Done by: Phua Wei Jun, Lester Leong, Kwok Ming Sheng

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Emulation - W Motion


Tuesday, Nov 04, 2014 - 02:37:01 pm

@ wng013

My reference for emulation “The V Motion Project” – it was a collaboration between many creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. The client for the project, Frucor (makers of V energy drink), together with their agency Colenso BBDO, kitted-out a warehouse space for this project to grow in and gathered together a group of Read more →

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The Singing Carrot - With swag

Peng Cheng

Tuesday, Nov 04, 2014 - 01:13:24 am

@ peng0060

Password: interactive

By: Faye and Peng Cheng



Patches of Mouth’s and Mustache : jit.lcd to draw image onscreen. We removed the toggle and metro of the jit.lcd it does not call off the image after the bang is sent (which causes multiple images to be overlayed)

Overlaying images on top of the carrot: jit.op @min for the Mustache and Read more →

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Final Emulation - Cindy and Vivian


Tuesday, Nov 04, 2014 - 01:04:14 am

@ V N X Y

Hey all!

The reference of our emulation is from Benayoun Maurice, titled “Tunnels around the World”. (2013)

We liked and wanted to achieve the zooming effect of the images as a transition into another scene. For our emulation, instead of images, we used videos. And the trigger, using face detection instead of motion tracking. We also added sound Read more →

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Emulation Project: Sound in a Bottle


Monday, Nov 03, 2014 - 04:53:23 pm

@ jmyu1

Student Project Team:

-Jonathan Ming Chun Yu (IEM/4) -Li Yihan (IEM/4)


This is our Student Emulation Project which allows users to play a pre-recorded sound bite/music when the “cap” is removed from the bottle itself. We applied the concept of motion sensor we learnt in class to be able to detect the caps itself. Hope you enjoy it!

Description Of Emulation:

By assigning different musical melodies Read more →

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This emulation have a very similar concept to my group's zen video. Realised how human can find activities that are almost similar to be so much more interesting when you change the elements they are interacting with.

Drawing with color


Monday, Nov 03, 2014 - 03:37:42 pm

@ Real life

Here’s our emulation attempt at letting people draw on their screens – temporarily. The patch is included in the last part of the video.

Our inspiration came from :

The video documents an Interactive Art Installation by students studying Medialogy in Aalborg University. In this course, students study the technology behind design in film, games and animation. They used a color tracking patch to create a Read more →

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Cool concept and emulation. It looks like olden schooldays where student would take neoprints in shopping mall. But instead of drawing on photograph taken, you're actually drawing on video.
yayyyy!! thank you!!

Emulation -Laser Graffiti


Monday, Nov 03, 2014 - 03:07:21 pm

@ Ting Chou

The reference of  the emulation project is  Graffiti Research Lab.

Initially, we used findbounds to track the colour of the laser light but it did not work well for laser light  but it could be used for object.

Tracking -jit. blobs.centroid. The threshold value is the blob size to track the laser pointer’s size. If the value is bigger than  certain number, it Read more →

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Our Emulation


Monday, Nov 03, 2014 - 07:56:04 am

@ wphua002

We are in zen mode for our emulation. See it, feel it, listen to it and relax.

Our emulation allows user to play the different sound of bells we selected by just waving hands while standing/sitting in front of the screen. It is easily expandable to more sounds but for purpose of this project, we kept it to 7.

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wa this is really damn zen haahah (Y) great patch!
Wow. This is like half body Taichi.

Echo Temple Emulation


Monday, Oct 27, 2014 - 04:54:45 am

@ wphua002

This will be our emulation.

Phua Wei Jun, Kwok Ming Sheng, Lester Leong

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Emulation Project


Tuesday, Oct 07, 2014 - 07:18:36 am

@ wng013


Proposed emulation project that involves Kinect, MAX/MSP and Synapse (a programme that gets the input data from Kinect and sends it to MAX/MSP).

My goal is to create an interactive electronic instrument window that turns motion into music…. something like this (but smaller scale)

Preferred presentation on 11th Nov, solo.


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Emulation Project

Li Yihan, Vanessa

Tuesday, Oct 07, 2014 - 03:55:11 am

@ Agua

Jonathan and I will be emulating the Bobblogue 2000 from Tangible Media Group

Dates preferred for presentation: 11st Nov.

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Emu lation group


Sunday, Sep 28, 2014 - 04:22:03 am

@ Artefactually Lost

1. Pearlynn Yong 2. Esmond Heng

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