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"The Impulse" Project


Saturday, Nov 22, 2014 - 07:55:00 pm

@ jmyu1


Chapter 1: Introduction to The Impulse Chapter 2: The V Motion and Bubblegum Sequencer Chapter 3: Patches and Softwares Chapter 4: Demo Video

DM2000: The Impulse Group Members

Ng Yen Peng Wendy, Li Yihan Vanessa, Jonathan Ming Chun Yu (IEM/4)

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Impulse (⇡ Back to Top)

As the semester is coming to Read more →

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What does different fruit sound like?

Li Yihan, Vanessa

Monday, Oct 13, 2014 - 03:49:58 am

@ Agua

1. Red Strawberry: Chinese Bamboo Flute

characteristic of the instrument: high-pitch, lucid and vivid, vivacious and leaping rhythms

2. Orange Carrot: drum? A bongo maybe?

Anthem of Carrot Day:

3. Yellow Bananas reminds me of Carribean sea but something a bit heavier, which best described by the tone of a bass trumpet; as an instrument trumpet is warm and rich, breathy and burnished.

4. Green Read more →

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very interesting concept. But I feel that giving each fruit a sound is very subjective. How do you think you can make it more objective in a sense that the sound is something we can relate to?

Final Semester Project

Cindy Chan

Tuesday, Oct 07, 2014 - 02:06:56 am

@ C I N D Y

Group 1 : E.C.V.P

Esmond, Cindy, Vivian, Pearlynn

The Concept:

Our group will be coming up with a interactive projection that transforms the staircase into a giant fish tank.

We will be making use of motion tracking such that when a person moves through, fishes follow.

But when the person stops, the fishes swim away.


This will encourage people to use the stairs more instead of the lift, Read more →

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Interesting and fun! However, does this projection only happens at night? As the staircase in ADM is next to the window glasses, the projection might not be strong to visually show it clearly as I understand that the projector we have in ADM is not so strong.