Categories for posts.

By: lpd |

Dear IM students,

please make sure that your posts are in the proper categories. Also make sure that your categories are well defined.

All categories used shall be under DM2000.
Make sure that a post in not uncategorised.

For categories so far we use:

Emulation (slug shall be emulation) — this is for all emulations related
Project (slug shall be project) — this is for the semester project
Research (slug shall be research) — own research and development

We will add other categories as the semester go, based on structural needs.

There are still category duplicates showing up in the home page aggregate. We need to clean this up, so I am sure I can find your works and assignments.

If you are concerned that your post is properly categorised, just 1)put it to uncategorised and update, 2) delete the wrong category, 3) make a new one with the proper data, then 4) put back your post with this new category 5) update your post. We must do so before there are too many posts to correct !


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