Final Project Submission

By: lpd |

Dear IMers,

to present your project:

1) A post on OSS (Category Gallery) with the title of the work, team members, description and concepts of the work and an embedded video of the project (no external links).

2) the Video must be HD, H.264 and downloadable. You know the drill by now:

a)Video must cover the many facets on how the audience interacts with your system.

b) Video must also cover major components of your patch and how they work/see them in action.

c) Video must include references to third parties original works (If applicable).

3) The featured image must represent the project.

4) I need to see all team members at one point during the presentation day. I will ask questions to the team about the project. I  will also ask each team members about their roles in the project. Please book a time.





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