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Project Hyperessay #1: Concept


Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015 - 10:17:42 pm

@ beverley

The title of my project is

Through this project, I’ll like to rethink the concept of webcam in our everyday lives. All of us now have access to an inbuilt webcam on our laptops, but few of us use the webcam to broadcast or record the nitty gritty details of our lives. Instead, we use our mobile phones to capture these Read more →

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I can imagine many webcam cameras in different position and location is recording your every process, in different angles. That would be interesting to see, like how Randall's studio in Washington have many different cameras which he can control which one to show to us in Adobe Connect. It'll be nice if the viewer can control which camera they want to see though.
This is beautifully written and a very powerful statement of plans for your work. We can discuss in more detail, but I would like to make the following suggestions: -- I felt that the description of the work was more to the point at the end, I would place that description up front so we immediately understand the concept of the project. -- Can you provide one more more quotes from the Steve Dixon essay to support your ideas about the use of the Webcam as a form of personal broadcasting and recording of process. -- Are there any other works we have looked at which explore process? I think Cut Piece, Hole in Space, Life Sharing, and Tracking Transience are immediate standouts. I would like to see you support your discussion of the importance of process in your work with references to artworks we have explored.
Yes! I thought Randall's setup is quite a good example of documenting the art process. I quite like your suggestion about how the viewer might have control over, and I think it can be done with another mobile phone with Periscope installed. It will give the project a more interesting perspective too. I shall update this post again to include this.
Noted, thanks Randall! I've looked at the requirements for project hyperessay and I think I missed out including the reference artworks for this. Will update this post with more examples of artworks.

Project Hyperessay #1: Concept


Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015 - 10:04:12 pm

@ Art2Act

The project aims to reflect on the dependency of technology to ‘navigate’ our lives, literally. Instead of the usual scenario of the physical world being simulated to create virtual world like in Google Maps ( where the map is a representation of the physical world), we use the virtual space to experience the physical world through navigation.

My process for conceptualization Read more →

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Amazing idea! This also questions the accuracy and the dependency we have on technology to help us navigate in unknown territory. Despite virtual maps tries to be accurate, sometimes it has fail us and I think this is a good exploration for you to tackle on this issue. Are you going to keep looking down and avoid all those signage which is really very hard to not look? This reminds me of a japanese video I watched a few years back. Basically this group of japanese were using Google Map street views to create games for themselves. So there will be 2 participates sitting in front of the computer with a location on a street view. So how the game start is you need to race each other but the trick is, is to only click the 'move forward' button on the street view google map! It's a very slow and kinda lame kind of self amusement but it's all fun! I can't seem to find the video on youtube and i will let you know when I find it. This is something similar.
I concur Jaysee, great idea! The opening explanation is superb. I think it might be interesting for you to use the class as your surrogate eyes by live broadcasting your navigation and we can discuss in more detail when we meet. Some suggestions for your hyperessay: -- I would like to see you reference specific quotes from the various articles you used to support your ideas. -- Although this may be useful for the next hyperessay, can you display a Google map of where you are thinking of conducting the project? -- Rather than showing examples of what you have done (that might be better for the next essay), add a conclusive paragraph that describes how the project will accomplish the idea of virtual navigation.

I have a plan to escape from this world


Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015 - 09:21:43 pm

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

My first ever idea was born wanting to do something with the current traffic cameras showing the traffic of the Causeway and the Second link, which is the bridge that connect Singapore and Malaysia. Usually people uses this traffic camera to see how heavy is the traffic before they decide whether is it a good idea to cross the border. Read more →

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I like your concept of 'escape' and how you try to convey your definition and its meaning through your photographs. I like how you are going to define this further through your real life performance, which I truly respect. Perhaps, if you could share your perspective like what Jon Cates had done in Bold3RRR, I think it would add more definition. Just a suggestion.
I really like the way you worked through all these ideas to arrive at the end result: a kind of vj of Webcams that signal aspects of "escape." It would be interesting to establish an interface, either with the browser/Max, or purely in Max, to give you a surveillance display, not unlike the ones used by authorities to monitor a building or the streets, etc. So you become, like Paik or the authority, the "man behind the curtain," the vj, the surveillor (not sure about that word), the conductor of Webcams: perhaps you could say an escape artist for all of humanity!