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pirate broadcast


Thursday, Sep 10, 2015 - 10:40:48 am

@ beverley

I’m trying to combine various methods of capturing footage and put them together in this pirate/unedited fashion.

screen recordings filming with my iphone using cheap special effects

I haven’t been out of the house in the past five days because I’ve been caught up with making some work, so I don’t have a very exciting story I can tell. So everyday I filmed a Read more →

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Actually I found this to be quite interesting. What would have been great is how it ends. Cause I understand that you are stuck in these environment for the last 5 days but I think it would have been awesome if the mesh got abit faster or slower to relate to your mind process or feelings or just go blank to portray a direction. Just a suggestion.
Training the TV camera on the desktop and even the third space world is perhaps the new frontier. What does the desktop reveal that can't be documented in the physical world?

Research Critique 4: The Big Kiss


Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 - 11:32:12 pm

@ beverley

And from this ubiquitous state of shared presence we have come to inhabit an entirely new way of seeing via a fracturing of perception. The window through which we view the world is multi-layered, composited, and non-linearily re-arranged.

The Third Space, Randall Packer

Annie Abraham’s The Big Kiss demonstrates a sense of intimacy between two people from their remote locations, showing Read more →

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And then the question is: what results from this seamless integration between separation and togetherness. Is it a false sense of intimacy? Is it just a matter of aim as you suggest in their concentrated effort. Do we sense a kind of cynicism from seeking pleasure in this way? Things to discuss.

Research Critique: The Big Kiss


Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 - 10:31:19 pm

@ Nichole

“It is the all-at-once concept of the abstract expressionists, in which everything is everywhere and the canvas became a total field of possibilities. The third space is a fluid matrix of potentiality and realizable connections to the most far-reaching remoteness.”- Randall Packer

Annie Abrahams explores the possibilities of the third space in her work The Big Kiss (2007).

In this Read more →

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Excellent points. How interesting this piece you found of people singing together via the Net. It is a complex issue talking about the quality of engagement despite physical separation. You point out that it is mental, I think you are right since the physical has been removed from the point of contact. Interesting to relate that to the woman's perspective, which is perhaps more mental then men, who you could say might be more involved in the physicality. I hadn't really thought about that but the gender distinction would be worth bringing up in class.
Actually, I also found it interesting on the mental aspect being a prominent factor in the engagement between the tow conferencing and how its more of a mental process for the woman than for the man. Shall experiment on this point in the coming weeks!

Micro-Project: Pirate Broadcasting


Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 - 12:28:16 pm

@ Real life

Last weekend, I went to the opening of an exhibition that was by the product design students in ADM who recently graduated.

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Hahaha. Artefact right? How was the show? Was it better than the FYP?
Great use of gif animations! A few things to consider: how do people react to the camera? What happens when you insert the camera into a public space? What do people think you are doing? And how can you engage people in your broadcast? To be discussed.

Research Critique : Grand Theft Avatar by Second Front


Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 - 12:19:13 pm

@ Real life

Grand Theft Avatar is piece done by this group called Second Front.  Second front is a performance art group that was founded in 2006. They pioneered the art of performing on the online avatar-based VR world, Second Life.  The group consists of  8 members that includes Jeremy Owen Turner (Vancouver), Doug Jarvis (Victoria), Tanya Skuce (Vancouver), Gazira Babeli (Italy), Penny Leong Read more →

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Grand Theft Avatar by Second Front


Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 - 07:00:41 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

In Grand Theft Avatar, there was a heist in the local bank, a group of professional robbers came charging into the bank with heavy guns. They exchange bullets with the security and after a very heavy fight, the robbers managed to get into the vault and escape with the money on a chopper. They liberate the money by throwing out Read more →

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I particularly liked your comment about the logistical planning of a third space heist as compared to one in the real world. Yes, that is the idea: anything is possible, and through the virtual action, one can stage an impossible act free of harm and legal ramifications. Then, the act becomes symbolic and its meaning resonates from Second Life back into real life. Something to talk about: how Second LIfe actions impact our understanding and perception of real life.

Research Critique: Paul Sermon - Telematic Dreaming


Tuesday, Sep 08, 2015 - 05:46:33 pm

@ Esmond Heng

“…our sense of reality is fragmented and juxtaposed: a remix of relationships, images, and memories.” – Packer, R., “The Third Space”

“Telematic Dreaming” by Paul Sermon succinctly presents this notion of the third space. The work consists of 2 beds in different locations, one which is blue-screened and another for the participant to experience the work. The artist lies Read more →

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Esmond, you got it exactly right. A work like this reminds us that we in fact live much of our everyday lives in the third space, without really thinking about it. This is purpose of this class and our study of Internet culture: to make us all more critically aware of our virtual lives and how it effects us emotionally and psychologically. And of course for our purposes, how it introduces creative opportunities. Excellent!



Tuesday, Sep 08, 2015 - 10:58:05 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

Right after Art In The Age of Colonialism class with Prof. Sujatha, I head to Canteen 4 for my lunch. My friends were already there as they head there first as they finish class earlier. It was my first time to canteen 4 as there was a new western foodstall called ‘dams’  that just opened recently. Moreover, it’s Halal, so Read more →

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so it must been dam good yar? hahah
it was 'Dams' delicious!
Interesting how you find something to focus on. What do you think they means by "Dams?" How do people react to the camera's intrusion into the space? Also, you broadcasted without any commentary, just allowing the situation to be what it is. Let's talk about the idea of capturing "pure" reality, without critique, without commentary, without bias.

Final Project sketch:


Sunday, Sep 06, 2015 - 02:43:09 pm

@ beverley

Here’s a draft outline of my final project:

Title: (might change this as my project progresses…) Description: An internet TV channel broadcasting web episodes, documenting my life on the computer, by sharing the computer screen publicly.

main ideas

documentary style web episodes (webisodes) of what I do online/offline using Quicktime’s screen recording function to capture footage from my desktop. each webisode can focus on Read more →
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Great ideas! I am very interested in how your work evolves as you shift to "recorded" media, capturing moments and documenting them on your site, as opposed to "live" media, in which you open up the process of how you capture moments and document them on your site: sharing in the here and now. How does that change the message, the idea of your autobiographical work?

Research Critique: The Pirate Cinema


Thursday, Sep 03, 2015 - 02:22:01 pm

@ Nichole

“In the context of omnipresent telecommunications surveillance, “The Pirate Cinema” makes the hidden activity and geography of Peer-to-Peer file sharing visible.”- The Pirate Cinema

The pirate cinema is created by an automated system that downloads continually the most popular torrents and shows snippets of these video files which are being shared peer-to-peer throughout the world from The Read more →

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Fascinating analysis of Pirate Cinema. You'll have to share with us your 10 minute experience of "riding the torrent." I'll be interested in your view of the idea of media saturation, an idea I address with