Micro-Project: Blog Narrative

By: Randall Packer |

This project explores the narrative possibilities of the blog as an instrument for stories that involve creative writing, photography, video, etc. Write a micro-story about yourself, choosing one of the stranger stories you can think of, documenting it with photography or images that support the narrative. The stranger the better!


Tenor Charles Lane singing a musical work of mine at CalArts in a “Bumble Bee” suit.

The above photo comes from Glitter and Angst in Contemporary Music, a blog post from Reportage from the Aesthetic Edge.

Choose a story with photo documentation so you have visual material to work with. Perhaps it was a trip you took with some friends to a far away island, or perhaps a wild party that got out of control, or when you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or when you got lost and had to ask strangers how to get home. Choose anything you think will make a good story (you can even make up aspects of it), and include relevant images, video, etc. Your story does not need to be long, between 250 and 500 words depending on the amount of visual material you have. I would recommend that you intersperse photos with writing to tell your story, such as in this example from my blog.

Create a blog post for the story and remember to use the category Micro-Project, as well as all the other WordPress authoring techniques we have covered including tags, embedded hyperlinks, text formatting, blockquotes, and the featured image. You can include artworks and/or graphics material if it relates to the story. Perhaps an interesting collage of imagery if it helps to tell your story.

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