Final Project Broadcast


Week 13: November 12 – 16

For the final class, our seminar room will be transformed into a broadcast studio, and each student will take turns having their program aired. We will advertise the broadcast via social media to both audiences around the world.  We will use Telestream Wirecast Pro to preload and schedule each program. Our broadcast will be viewed on a Web page designed specifically for the class Internet channel. Students will participate in all facets of production.. Location: B1-14


Due: Monday, November 16

1 – Project Hyperessay #3: Project Page / Conclusion

NOTE: For the last installment of the project hyperessay, create a page rather than a post, and place it on the main menu of your Website. The concluding installment of the Project Hyperessay will give you an opportunity to synthesize the elements of your project. See the Project Hyperessay Assignment page for further details.