Hari Raya Haji and Recess


Week 7 + Recess: September 24 – October 7

Holiday: Hari Raya Haji
Recess: September 28 – October 2


Due Two Weeks: Thursday, October 8

1 – Reading

2 – Research Critique: Public vs Private

You will be assigned an artwork to research for a short 250 word hyperessay about the work, the artist, and how it relates specifically to the topic of the week. Incorporate the reading (see above), as relevant, into your research post, discussing how it relates contextually to the work you are critiquing. Use the Lecture Notes in the Private vs Public page of the Syllabus to prepare your research, where you will find documentation and links about each of the works.

Research Critique Assignments:

Here are additional instructions for the research critique:

  • Create a new post on your blog incorporating relevant hyperlinks, images, video, etc
  • Add a featured image
  • Apply the “Research” category
  • Apply appropriate tags
  • Post a comment on at least one other research post prior to the following class

Works for review:

3 – Final Project Update

Following our Skype meeting, please write up a short summary (approx. 250 words) revising your idea for the final project.  Base your revision on any new ideas that came up during the meeting, along with any suggestions I make for additional research. This revised version should carry the idea forward, or perhaps reflect a new idea you have. Be sure and use “Final Project” as the category for your blog post. We will discuss your ideas during our next class on October 8.