Project Review: Concept


Week 10: October 22 – 28

Prepare a 10-minute presentation from your Project Hyperessay discussing your final project concept, exploring the key ideas, and focusing on the project’s influences based on lectures, readings, and artworks we have reviewed in the course. How does the concept of the project draw from and critique the various issues we have explored relating to online culture? How does the work incorporate technical and aesthetic methods discussed? And finally, how does the project bridge your own practice with net-related ideas and concerns. The goal of the presentation is to demonstrate how each student has assimilated course concepts and reintroduced them in their own work. Location: Adobe Connect


Due Next Week: Thursday, October 29

1 – Project Update

Based on critique from individual meetings and our project review session, write a project update of work done towards the final project. At this stage your project concept should be finalized and you should be experimenting with ideas, running tests, gathering material, etc. Include all relevant documentation of work done. Apply the “Final Project” category to your post.



Overview of course objectives: micro-projects, research critiques, OSS sites, remote sessions, project hyperessay, importance of process, collaborative learning, preparation for FYP, independent research, etc.

Change in schedule for upcoming classes including the project hyperessay: technical realization.

Project Presentations: 10 minutes + critique + dialogue, important for all students to participate in the spirit of OSS collaboration.

Next week’s assignment: project update

Streaming workshop: discussion of software and strategies for integrating each individual project into the final broadcast.