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Arena Inspirations


Sunday, Nov 27, 2016 - 05:10:40 pm

@ Recreational Mobility Device

Features needed in the Arena:

Player Control Station Arena Equipment Locker Viewing Gallery Team Area

Taichi style tree - ( why I choose 24 forms of yang style)


Thursday, Nov 24, 2016 - 04:39:15 pm

@ Kate-FYP: Everyday Fitness


1. How did Tai Chi begin?

There are two theories

Theory #1 Around the Yuan and Ming Dynasty – Chang Sanfeng – about 600-700 years ago lived in Shaolin Temple and went to WuDang Mountain and created Tai Chi. He saw a crane fighting with a snake. The crane was always hard. The snake would Read more →
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simplified-yang style-24 hand forms


Thursday, Nov 24, 2016 - 03:54:15 pm

@ Kate-FYP: Everyday Fitness

Beijing Form

Chinese Pinyin English 1 起势 qǐ shì Beginning form 2 野马分鬃 yě mǎ fēn zōng Wild horse, part the mane 3 白鹤亮翅 bái hè liàng chì White crane, brilliant wings 4 搂膝拗步 lǒu xī ǎo bù Embrace knee, twist step 5 手挥琵琶 shǒu huī pí pá Hands play Pipa 6 倒撵猴 dǎo niǎn hóu Retreat, expel the monkey 7 左揽雀尾 zuǒ lǎn què wěi Left grasp the sparrow’s tail 8 右揽雀尾 yòu lǎn què wěi Right grasp the sparrow’s tail 9 单鞭 dān biān Single whip 10 云手 yún shǒu Cloud hands 11 单鞭 dān biān Single whip 12 高探马 gāo tàn mǎ High pat the horse 13 右蹬脚 yòu dèng jiǎo Right Read more →
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Yang style Taichi names


Thursday, Nov 24, 2016 - 02:20:13 pm

@ Kate-FYP: Everyday Fitness

Yang Style Hand Form

Chinese Pinyin English 1 預備 yù bèi Preparation 2 起式 qǐ shì Beginning style 3 攔雀尾 lán què wěi Block sparrow tail 4 單鞭 dān biān Single whip 5 提手上勢 tí shǒu shàng shì Raise hands, upwards power 6 白鶴涼翅 bái hè liáng chì White crane, cold wings 7 左摟膝拗步 zuǒ lǒu xī ǎo bù Left embrace knee, twist step 8 手揮琵琶 shǒu huī pí pá Hands play Pipa 9 左摟膝拗步 zuǒ lǒu xī ǎo bù Left embrace knee, twist step 10 右摟膝拗步 yòu lǒu xī ǎo bù Right embrace knee, twist step 11 左摟膝拗步 zuǒ lǒu xī ǎo bù Left embrace knee, Read more →
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Survey Questionare

Adonis Toh

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016 - 12:14:02 pm

@ Adonis Toh

Conducted a generic survey on Normal people’s perception of People with Disabilities(PWD), how open they are towards PWDs and what are the issues they face in order to communicate with PWDs.

Key Responses:

Normal people believe that PWDs are people who have difficulties living a normal life.

More than 90% are open and approachable towards PWDs.

71% are worried of offending PWDs because of their insensitivity.

95% Read more →

These results should give you encouragement to design a breakthrough... sketch with confidence - think that you are working for LucasFilm and you have nothing to lose...

FYP Presentation 3

Adonis Toh

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016 - 11:44:26 am

@ Adonis Toh

Feedback from the panel:

Cryptic communication may include making it more approachable for others to communicate with you.

Focus on what the users need and want Read more →

On what the users need and want - this may be a old paradigm. for a future paradigm you must understand their frustrations and short comings and imagineer a product that they will happily use... you need to break the bubble and move forward. As for nee users and old users you can always have a 'live' tutor on your mobile phone to guide a new person... For self conscious people this could be the avenue for them to brighten up and leave their inhibition...

3rd Presentation Slides & Questions

Xiu Ming

Monday, Nov 14, 2016 - 05:50:53 pm


Comments from lecturers

• Netflix might have copyright issues with me using their assets as part of my FYP, thus might be a problem when I put this project in my portfolio. Since there is a Singapore Netflix office he suggested for me to pitch it to Netflix. However, seems supportive of me combining two types of service – online shopping Read more →

I hope your meeting with Jackson went well. I think we should pitch it to Netflix and allow them to use it in your FYP. The concept is not ripe enough now to show though. Maybe in January... I think you are doing well. Remember you have to break out of your knowledge/experience base and imagine a new paradigm... Slowly you will get the confidence to do it every time. Now I can hand hold you through...

UPDATE from 3rd presentation

Desirie Z

Friday, Nov 11, 2016 - 08:22:49 pm

@ Chinese Style Jewelry

My main feedback of third presentation:

1, Need to find stronger connection between the culture, story and the jewelry. Making people easier to see the story from the jewelry.

2, More original design is needed. For example, the auspicious motifs are directly taken from existing designs, there is little I did to make it MY design.

3. More mock-ups and test models for Read more →

The comments are fair. You need to look at it from our original idea of 'The Empress and the concubine' and you should build it as this is how the jewellery becomes as one rises from a basic concubine into an Empress. Also, you need to give a contemporary twist to the traditional jewellery. Like today's VW Beetle and the original VW Beetle. Yes sketch - but also look at it as contemporary derivative. i am sure at some point in the next month or so you will have a break through : )

Research on BioSensor (1)

Ava P.

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016 - 02:55:07 pm

@ Pham Nhat Binh

1. Article: What are Biosensors?

Biological sensor is made up of a transducer and a biological element that may be an enzyme, an antibody or a nucleic acid. The bioelement interacts with the analyte being tested and the biological response is converted into an electrical signal by the transducer. Depending on their particular application, biosensors are also known as immunosensors, Read more →

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Now you have done this research, how will you integrate this into your design concept? It is important to derive relevant industrial design concepts that consider a) human factors b) function and 3) emotion, three factors that determine the aesthetics of this product

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Arena


Wednesday, Nov 09, 2016 - 06:36:42 pm

@ Recreational Mobility Device

With VR or AR (Virtual reality or Augmented reality) we are able to set the game space anywhere and anytime. All we need is the sensors to be able to detect the game space. This virtual space will be viewable with the VR goggles or Ar goggles. The game play for such an arena would be simple, as suggested from the Read more →
It may help if you had some description on this.
Hi Peer,   I've updated the graphics and added some description to the idea.   Cheers! :)