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Visuals: Spaces and Perception

Benjamin Sim

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 09:35:26 pm

@ Benjamin Sim

‘The Treachery of Images’ cleverly highlights the gap between language and meaning. The first work I linked by Ulises Carrion was something I came across a few days back in Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid. The simple framed text pulls the viewer in to read, to ponder, to visualise. While the meaning in the text contradicts the setting of it and the Read more →


Visuals: LED Mix Medium

Benjamin Sim

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 09:16:28 pm

@ Benjamin Sim

Kanagawa Cowabunga” by island6 (Liu Dao)

Modern LED (light emitting diodes), neon installation and laser technology, together with traditional medium of arts, such as paper cutting and painting. island6 aims to create an avant-garde art scene from this collaboration of all things new and old.

The mix of the “old” Read more →


The Space In-between

Benjamin Sim

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 09:05:59 pm

@ Benjamin Sim

This is the second proposal I have floating in my brain at the same time as I guess it’ll be good to just put it out there. I figure I could somehow tie it together with my first idea.

Gist / Details:

My aim is to find answers or create them about the question I always had in the back of Read more →


Black Hole : Point of Entry or Departure.

Benjamin Sim

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 09:01:56 pm

@ Benjamin Sim

This is the main idea I’m looking to work on and expand with. The medium I’m currently toying around is either an interactive panel or a zine with a short film. I’ll update with more visuals / writings / sketches once I’m back from overseas in late June.

Gist of the Idea:

The perception of the human mind and sight to Read more →


FYP Idea Proposals


Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 07:25:38 pm

@ sgoh013

Mind map of Colour(ful)

Simplified Version

Idea 1

The Exploration of Foods’ Colour on Humans

Colours play a significant role in our daily lives as it affects us psychologically, scientifically and in many other aspects. Psychology is an applied science that studies the mind and behaviour. Together with the exploration of the concept of perception, emotion and Read more →

You mind map is impressive! as well as your presentation of 3 ideas But Sorry I am struggling with understanding  ideas elaborate on first 2 ideas and please no jargon for example #2 This FYP seeks to discover the sceptical relationship between astrology, self-fulfilled prophecy and colours astrology? and color? not sure of conncetion The possible outcome for this idea would be to create a brand in a medical approach.???? medical? brand? elaborate "This FYP intends to interpret human mental impressions of nature through the effects of foods’ colour."  what is human mental impression?    give me some VISUAL Cues. anything like this done somewhere else any case studies Mood boards? I am having struggle understanding the last idea is nice- and seems easiest from the visual side


The Exploration of Foods’ Colour on Humans

Colours play a significant role in our daily lives as it affects us psychologically, scientifically and in many other aspects. Psychology is an applied science that studies the mind and behaviour. Together with the exploration of the concept of perception, emotion and other areas, it aims to understand the human activity. This FYP intends to interpret individuals’ perception of nature through food and its colour. Foods’ colour has been studied and experimented by several scientists and researchers as they try to understand how colours affect human’s flavour and taste perceptions. This has enabled brands to understand consumers and market their food products according. Food is part of nature and it revolves around human daily activity as one of basic essentials. By exploring and understanding this, it enables people to realise the power of the understated role of colour in food as well as the subconscious process of human behavior in daily lives.

The possible outcome for this idea would probably be an installation of food display in an interesting way together with a booklet to explain the idea. An example that encompasses this kind of idea would be an advertisement for Dentist Paris Loft (a teeth-whitening service) that cleverly removes yellow colour from objects. Heinz print ads is also another example that portrays what food is like without ketchup.


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The Prophecy

Mankind has always attached colours with certain perception and emotions. The psychological effect helped us to understand and relate better with colours under various area of studies such as colorstrology (a combination of colour and astrology that suggests suitable colours to individuals based on their birth charts). Similarly, horoscope suggests as well as predicts happenings for the day or year. Both produce the effect of self-fulfilling prophecy on individuals as they read and make decisions with their subconscious mind based on what they’ve read. This FYP seeks to discover the influence of astrology on self fulfilling prophecy. As an individual, I read horoscope out of curiosity and for the fun of it. It provides some sense of hope, positivity and entertainment in life. Through this, it aims to understand individual behaviour towards the self fulfilment in astrology.

The possible outcome for this idea would be to create a make believe brand that sells water as a remedy towards the self fulfilling prophecy. An example would be Mr. Hyde Water Tonic by Eduardo del Fraile.

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My first rough ideas / brainstorming

Shermain Lee

Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 03:53:32 am

@ Shermain Lee

Hi there! Currently I’m exploring the many themes that I could possibly be involved with then expand upon a topic i might be interested in. Below is a very rough list of what I’ve thought through the first month. I’ll continue to polish them and finalise it into three proposals.

Possible ideas:

Found objects within Singapore: Notion of play, Tools & its Read more →
OK - happy to see you are brainstorming. my favorite is the #1 as involves the concept of: 1- participatory urbanism 2- urbanism 3. concept of connecting locations 4. new kind of city map- connected not by significance of landmark but by you identifying stories of found objects 5. reinventing city 6. Concept of heterogeneous city, Singapore Renesance City 7. Center for Contemporary Art NTU is working on the theme of city state 8. Exhibition Sea state by Charles Lim is so important ART SCIENCE Big Bang Data Exhibition We have to be current! You want to have job when you graduate you are designer and artist. you need to make your project both personal but also relevant- impactful These are research questions What? Why? (Significance) Who? and How? Who Cares? Come up with Mind Map Identify Keywords and areas of research through your mind map go through a book on 100 research metrologies ( posted on FB) start working on a Mood board- or VISUAL cues that you associate with your project theme and ideas start madly looking for literature

Idea Sheet and Early Development


Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 11:11:03 pm

@ Beverly Goh

Idea I


The project aims to propose an alternative way of looking at the way our bodies work, reversing the way bodily reactions to viruses or certain illnesses maybe referred to as deformations instead of adaptations. The project will also explore the abjection of bodily fluids, looking to turn their compositions into patterns.

Aesthetic Approach

Illustrative Anatomical Dotwork and linework Aged Typewriter

Keywords/ Read more →

great!!!! now please follow with mood boards and visuals