First FYP meeting Friday, August 12th, 9am at B1-13

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

Hope you have productive summer. We will be meeting every Friday from 9:00am- noon starting Friday,  August 12th. Location for our meetings will be in B1-13, the small lecture room across the lifts in the basement.

We will meet as a class in the morning and if anyone needs extra time in the afternoon on the same day. Please note due to heavy admin load I can not see you any other day and can not accommodate extra times for consultations on other days.  The meetings on Friday morning is mandatory and considered just as any other class time. If you skip Friday I will not be able to see you on any other date or time.

For our first meeting on August 12th, please bring your proposals for your FYP theme.

The proposal should be consolidated as a power point – should include following:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Working Title
  • Abstract: short description of your project should include What, Why, Significance/impact, Context, possible outcome
  • Who is going to benefit from your works
  • What is out there that you have used as a starting point- any artist? project? How is your project going to build on that…and how is it going to be different?
  • Any literature on your theme that you have covered over the summer? Any techniques, software you have tried.
  • Research Methodologies: How are you going to conduct research? What strategies: is it drawing, sketching, observation, surveys, field trips…prototypes
  • Methodologies for your prototypes: analogue or digital
  • What has been done in the field is existing in the field that has
  • Working sketches or findings on artists
  • mind map
  • TIME-LINE: please come up with rough weekly planning for your project

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