Points for Vis Com First-semester’s review is on 4/11 and 11/11 respectively.

By: Ina Conradi |

First-semester’s  review is on 4/11 and 11/11 respectively.

Two sessions (morning & afternoon) per Friday with a lunch break in between. Format: 10 mins presentation, 10 mins feedback. All faculty and all students are required to be present for the presentations. We’d have approximately 20-24 students each Friday

Your  VIS COM presentation must include clear answer on the following:

  • WHAT (research question/ abstract)
  • WHO WHY (relevance/Context)
  • HOW (methodology- primary research ( your own work tests sketches)  secondary research )
  • WHO CARES or So What? (Impact)

Suggested order of PP slides:

  1. Working Title, year, major, your name.
  2. Motivation/Inspiration: This can be a question that you are trying to find an answer to…reflecetion..etc
  3. Abstract (short 100 -200 word max what is your project)
  4. Context of your project (key words, who-why-where)
    1. Research methodologysecondary research ( any of the following: literature review on your key-words or key themes. Please note literature review is not just listing books you have got- but more what did you find on the topic or key ideas- who did something similar?  Literature, social media, case studies minimum 5 examples how was something similar done, field trip, observation, surveys, interviews, etcprimary research- your own work such as tests sketches- BRING hard copy and soft copy
  5. Timeline and future plans
  6. Bibilography

PLEASE CHECK font, legibility, embedded media- if all play well off the mac in Vis com lab: any cropping..mac in vis com might not have your fonts..the PP slides will be sent to vis com reps to be uploaded on mac computer in VC classroom ( library) ; set slides on timer..you ONLY have 10 minutes…

There will be one more specific form for grading – this is more general overview one …


Semester 1 Continuous Assessment                                                                                 
All students will be assessed and given feedback on their progress and development by their respective supervisor at the end of each semester. Assessment and feedback is based on:

• Clarity of Research Direction (Research and Contextualization)

Ability to search for ideas/ knowledge
Ability to identify, apply and organize knowledge and idea in a coherent manner to give form to a research direction.
Critical value of proposed work
Ability to Contextualize research
Presentation skills

• Evidence of Studio Work development

Ability to explore/ create prototype or visual studies
Creative risk taking

• Project management

Ability to plan project timeline
Ability to keep to timeline

• Interim FYP Report due at the very end of semester 

Report to include draft of Background information that frames project, reference and

up-to date coverage of studio exploration.


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