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Project Hyperessay #02


Monday, Apr 25, 2016 - 10:07:36 am

@ Charlene

When I saw how real virtual reality can be, and that we can replace human vision with virtual vision, this can be the ultimate platform. – Brendan Iribe

Virtual reality or the third space has been usually seen as an inadequate replacement to connection in the real world, in fact, it has also been criticised as the reason why people lose connection Read more →

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Charlene, I am absolutely agree with you that you have certainly come a long way! Thank you so much for your nard and amazing work! Looking forward to see you soon!
Very interesting to set a context for the project in your discussion about virtual reality and its potentialities to bring people together in the virtual world. It is important that you brought up the dystopic side of VR, such as in films like Total Recall, which question the human quality of contact and reality in the virtual space. You mention the artworks by Annie Abrahams and Jodi, but I would like to know more about what these project revealed to you in your thinking about the third space. In the "Kiss" for example, she demonstrates the effect and experience of kissing remotely. Since we conducted a similar experience in Touch, how does this work illuminate our understanding of interaction in the third space? Does it too, like Total Recall, reveal a dystopic side? Or does it show that we can transgress the boundaries of distance to form relationships and have intimacy? I too appreciate very much your work in the class and the detail in which you approached it.

Project Hyperessay #2: Conclusion

Tiffany Anne

Monday, Apr 25, 2016 - 10:00:20 am

@ Tiffany Rosete

Key Ideas that influenced my work


The first few lessons that involved lots of research influenced my final work. For the design of the costume, I was influenced by the way bees see UV colours. Initially I wanted to use some sort of UV dye but then I changed my idea to use LED light instead as it created a stronger Read more →

Tiffany, you worked so hard during this ''production'' and I would like to thank you for this! Also your conclusion is very rich and detailed and gives the clear picture that you gained a lot from this class. See you soon!
I agree, your hyperessay touched (sorry for the pun) on all the important themes and concepts we addressed in class: from our exploration of the third space and virtual intimacy, to the construction of costumes that would carry your movement into the virtual space, to the way in which the elements synthesized together to form a cohesive experience. And I agree that your conclusion was very strong in summarizing the way in which all of these elements allowed you to form connections despite physical separation. Excellent.
Say, Tiffany, I just realized that I didn't take a video of your LED lights strobing from end to end of the light strip. Did you take a video of the lights in action? password : test1 Hey Alvin! For now, this was the only one i could find...

Project Hyperessay #2: Conclusion

Yuhao Zhang

Monday, Apr 25, 2016 - 09:57:43 am

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

The objective of the collaborative project Touch was to investigate critical concepts and fundamental artistic concerns inherent in the emerging form of live networked performance in the third space, through creative dance movements, interactive wearables, smart textiles, audio-visual arts and the Critical Response Process (CRP).  

This collaboration between School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the Read more →

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Excellent! This is an outstanding achievement in synthesizing your work this semester, as well as our group collaborative project. I am so impressed with the way you had a vision of controlling music with your movement, and you very successfully achieved your goal in the final results with great focus. I was particularly impressed with how you described the project as experiential. This is very true. It is difficult to describe a project like Touch without actually experiencing it. And then the experience itself is very subjective depending on your perspective and orientation to the overall work: whether you are in my office in Singapore, or the iStage in Arizona, or viewing the streaming broadcast from a Web browser. All of these perspectives are equally valid but constitute a very different experience in the end. But that is what is exciting about working in new genres such as our networked performance project: the work and our experience of it is open to a wide range of interpretations. Again, excellent work on the project, and your documentation is very clear and informative.

Project Hyperessay #2: Conclusion

Ong Xin Hong

Monday, Apr 25, 2016 - 06:36:05 am

@ Oxhrene

Project Hyperessay #2: Conclusion

At the beginning, I only thought about how fun it was going to be working with my friends. It was. However it was also tiring, life-changing and overwhelming.

At the start, we did numerous research on wearable technology and works that made use of the media such as Bio Couture by Suzanne Lee and Telematic dreaming (1993) by Read more →

I was particularly struck by your observation about space. You mentioned that in the physical space there are finite limitations, but in the virtual space, the possibilities are open and the spatial dimensions are dramatically expanded. This is a very astute observation. But I am curious how the perception of expanded space impacted your movement, the choreography and how you interacted with the other dancers, particularly Angeline who you could only "touch" virtually. You mentioned Telematic Dreaming by Paul Sermon, but I am also interested in knowing how this work specifically informed your creation of Touch, again, how you engaged with others in the telematic space. Did Telematic Dreaming's exploration of intimacy and touch in the third space impact your own experience in similar ways? I enjoyed the very detailed photographic documentation. Very well done.

Project Hyperessay #2:

Gladys Loh

Sunday, Apr 24, 2016 - 06:18:05 pm

@ sleepygladys

Touch was a complex project that integrated the concepts of wearable technology, movement and third space. We were dancing in a telematic space with Angeline Young from USA. This provided an interesting twist towards the idea of the conventional dance, whereby we did not physically feel the person we were dancing towards. I was pretty amazed how Adobe Connect could be manipulated Read more →

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Very interesting and detailed description of the Touch production and your participation. I was pleased to see that the OSS platform enabled you to develop a more collaborative interaction with Xin Hong in the process of creating your costumes and wearables. I am curious to hear more about your impression of Telematic Dreaming. How specifically did the project influence your creation of dance in the third space? Where there sensations of touch even though you were interaction with Angeline in the third space? How did the telematic embrace come into play as you were performing in the third space? However, there were a lot of elements at play in this class and the final project production, and you did an excellent job describing the integration of your costume.
Gladys, thank you so much for all your hard work. I am so happy to hear that you learned a lot and gained different experiences from the class. I also hope to work with you soon!


Feliciana Natali

Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 - 11:45:00 pm

@ Feligood

In this project called Touch, Angeline Young in the USA together with my classmates and I in Singapore were performing dance in live broadcast. What makes Touch different from other performances is Touch allowed performers in different geographical regions to perform together by ‘placing’ us in the digital world called the third space. The third space is created Read more →

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Your description of your character development was excellent. It was interesting to read your explanation of how you incorporated costume and movement together with the Warrior theme. Also, your statement about OSS was really well articulated and of great interest to me to see how it impacted your creative and collaborative process. I am curious to know how the artworks you mentioned helped you think conceptually about the third space, and how we communicate and make contact in that space. I thought your comment about glitch was helpful, but what about the virtual embrace? Great documentation and presentation of the photography using the gallery.
I'm glad you had an memorable learning experience, and learnt much from all of you. I like how you stressed that your meaningful learning experiences entailed the blood, sweat and tears (rarely seen in online learning environments or learning management systems) over the last 3 months. I worry when teachers and students think that learning should be all fun, and enjoyable, because deep meaningful learning that enriches you and changes how you think and act (in geek speak, we say changing your "epistemology" and "ontology"), can be unsettling, and uncomfortable, as you grapple and struggle with accommodating and assimilating new learning experiences. Congratulations on your impressive work. I look forward to speaking to all of you about your experiences. Thank you.

Project update 4

Tiffany Anne

Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 - 07:51:29 am

@ Tiffany Rosete

Completing the costume

This is a video of the electronics on the skirt. The wires were still loose so it only worked on occasion or when I touched a part of the skirt.


Minor tweaks were made after this to ensure the connection was secured. Also, a layer of hot glue was put over the wires to prevent short-circuiting and to insulate Read more →

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Thanks for sharing your work and process on the movement. I am curious to know how all the elements of costume, wearable, movement, and music come together for you. I would suggest that you explore these relationships in your final hyperessay in order to synthesize the experience. I thought the lighting of your wearable was very effective in the workshop/performance and really stood out as an interesting element in the video.

Project Update 3

Tiffany Anne

Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 - 07:07:57 am

@ Tiffany Rosete

Continuation of costume design

Testing out the boning on the mannequin with Gladys’s dress. Interestingly, the boning complements her costume rather well.

Exploring different possible designs. Black tape was first used to secure the joints together.

Final design of boning with skirt. After determining the design, I sewed the joints together to make it more sturdy and seamless.

Next, Read more →

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Tags: fashion | sound | Touch
Good update! I am curious how the sound propelled your movement. Did it put you in a certain mood? Did its texture make you feel like moving as though swimming or moving with the wind? Music has a powerful effect on the body and it is interesting to explore this relationship particularly in the context of dance.

Research Critique: Glitch Aesthetics

Yuhao Zhang

Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 - 12:59:27 am

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other “bugs”, by either corrupting digital data or by physically manipulating electronic devices (for example by circuit bending).

In recent years it has found a central place in contemporary media art, particularly via the Internet where emergent low-resolution glitch forms and other so-called “accidents” of artifacts are Read more →

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Yuhao, you ask a difficult question: whether to remain nostalgic for dying technologies or to move forward as a progressive in search of the new. I can see how an engineer might have a different perspective than an artist. How do you situate yourself in this argument as an engineer?

Research Critique: Virtual Bodies in the Third Space

Yuhao Zhang

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 - 05:45:27 pm

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

A virtual body is the state of being when inhabiting virtual reality or a virtual environment. The third space refers to a shared electronic social space where the physical and the virtual are blended. This topic is enigmatic and has been open to dispute.

Paul Sermon’s Telematic Dreaming (1992) turns a bed into the support of Read more →

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Interesting observations from your engineer perspective. Whereas we think of virtual connections as lacking in emotional contact, there are ways of counter-balancing and injecting intimacy into the virtual embrace. This is of course also the theme of Touch. In your final hyperessay, you might want to use Telematic Dreaming to support or even argue questions of intimacy and human contact in the Touch project.