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Final Project: Project Update #4

Yuhao Zhang

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 - 04:53:14 pm

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

Last week I worked on the wireless transmission of data between the costume (Arduino Lilypad Board) and the Max software on the laptop. After adopting the trial-and-error method, I managed to achieve a relatively smoother data flow. With both electronics and the clothes ready, the last thing to be done is to integrate everything and test the sounds/lights, and that Read more →

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Excellent and well detailed! The great thing about having this documentation is that once the electronics are sewn into the costume, you'll know where everything is in case you need to fix something. Great work.

PROJECT UPDATE 4: Sleeves and Final Coding

Feliciana Natali

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 - 01:27:20 pm

@ Feligood


I am totally happy with the sleeves šŸ™‚ because 80% of it is my own attempt! Galina did help me with measuring and a little bit of sewing method, but the rest is my own trial and error (so, if you look very closely to the sleeves, there are 4 different ‘folding’ pattern hahahahaha because I keep trying to see Read more →

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I think the slaves are truly masterful. The way they worked with your movement today in our performance/workshop was truly outstanding. I look forward to hearing you talk about how the costume brings together your movement, character, and music in the final hyperessay. Excellent work!

Project Update 4

Gladys Loh

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 - 10:58:56 am

@ sleepygladys

Completion of the dress, back organza layer done

Sewing the LED light into the skirt, via stitching

Close up of Arduino Lilypad

Testing the effect when lit up


I had to combine solo with Tiffany create a cohesive piece, which initially I could not see the concept of virtual touch in our performance. However, when Read more →

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Excellent! Great photographic documentation. Would like to see you thinking about and expressing your thoughts and how the costume/wearables tie into your movement, character and the overall performance. Of course you can elaborate on that in the final hyperessay, but the goal of the project is understand how all the elements weave together into the performance. But this is extremely valuable documentation that you can turn to when analyzing how your developed your work.

Final Project: Project Update #3

Yuhao Zhang

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 - 09:46:01 pm

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

Last week I finished most of the non-electronic aspect of the costume design.

On the performance day, I will wear a white shirt under the outer garment and probably black pants to look like a conductor of an orchestra.

This week I focused more on codings especially the radio transmission of data used to generate and control sound within a MAX/MSP environment. Read more →

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Yuhao, you might want to clean up this update because much of it is unreadable. It's interesting to read about your transition to the wireless for the data transmission, as well as the design of the costume, but what about how it all works together to control the music? Perhaps you are saving that for the final update. I would like your impression of actually using the wireless to conduct the music. Even though we haven't had a lot of time to rehearse, it is the final outcome of the your project to be a conductor of music. It would be particularly relevant (and perhaps you can expand on this in the final hyperessay) to talk about the changing paradigm of the dancer/conductor controlling the music as opposed to the music followed by the dancer.

Final Project: Project Update #2

Yuhao Zhang

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 - 08:34:33 pm

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

Last week I researched on the various electronic components that might be needed for the costume and tested some basic functional circuits off the fabrics( as things will get a tad complicated after the electronics are sewed onto the fabrics). Based on the concept of my costume, which is to explore the relationship between live music improvisation and dance choreography/freestyle,Ā I Read more →

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Good update! I would like to see some documentation of the electronics for your next update: we have pictures in dropbox from the last rehearsal and I would grab a few to document the excellent work you have done. And by the way, the electronics receiver is still in my office, do you want to pick it up before Thursday's rehearsal?
Thank you! Actually I am in school today but I didnt check my email. Maybe I can come by tomorrow to pick it up!
If you can come by my office at 1pm I'll be there, but only for a short while. Thanks!
Okay I will be there at 1pm!

Project Update 04


Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 - 07:05:33 pm

@ Charlene


Final Thoughts

As we approach the final performance, I shall reflect on the conference that happened last week. It was nice to hear an outsider’s perspective regarding our Touch performance and their interactions with Prof Randall, Prof Galine and Angelina. I thought it was nice to have each of us talk about the concepts Read more →

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I think your realization is very true. It is in the process of exploration that you discover the meaning of ideas, such as in this case, the idea of touch in the virtual embrace. The importance of process is something I try to encourage in my OSS classes: the experience of developing a work is just as important as the final result. I think you fully understand and have embraced that idea and I hope it is an idea you can use in your other classes and your work as an artist.

Project Update 03


Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 - 06:08:18 pm

@ Charlene

I finally managed to obtain the pictures of me making my costume so I will feature them in this post alongside some of the images from our rehearsal and my thoughts on it.


Process and Electronics

For my costume, I started out with cutting the plastic and arranging them according to the different shades of yellow, orange and Read more →

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This is an excellent, detailed account of the whole process of the construction of your costume/wearable to its use in the dance rehearsal. It is illuminating to see how the behind the scenes work is done to create a techno-costume and then see how it is used for live performance. Also, very interesting analysis of your impression of the telematic space and how you felt the spaces merging together through networked media.

Project Update 3

Gladys Loh

Friday, Apr 15, 2016 - 11:25:28 am

@ sleepygladys

Continuation of dress-making

So far I had the shape of the dress along with the mesh and collar. The next steps were to add decorations to enhance the design of the dress.

Boiling of extra organza, there was insufficient

To achieve an ombre effect on the skirt, I used this spray paint

After spray painting the dress

Starting to sew the Read more →

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Very interesting to see you exploring spontaneous movement. I think that's an excellent idea and relates back to when Angeline had everyone analyzing their dreams. The costume is superb and your documentation is detailed extremely well. You have done excellent work and I look forward to see the wearables integrated in our final session on Thursday.

Project update (Week 12)

Ong Xin Hong

Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 - 05:45:54 pm

@ Oxhrene

Final dress

Adding boning to the sleeves to create wavy appearance

Continuation on dress making

Sewing three horizontal strips on the under layer of the dress as ‘pockets’ for the RGB LED strips

Under layer of dress with lights on

My choice of 5 different lights, namely: Red, Blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow was inspired from the colours of a jellyfish.

My choice of white colour Read more →

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Beautiful work. Your documentation of process is wonderfully detailed with excellent photography. I think these photos are like artworks themselves! You have commented on the dress construction, music, and performance and I am interested to know how you feel all of these elements are integrating together in your work. This is something you can address in the Project Hyperessay: Conclusion.

PROJECT UPDATE 3: The Dance and The Light

Feliciana Natali

Tuesday, Apr 05, 2016 - 01:14:08 pm

@ Feligood


I will describe it in words, since I have not have the time to record it myself.

*out of the screen* jump left right left right left right, slow down, jump faster again, until I reach the wall. Screech the wall, slowly…until I drop on the floor. Turn around while saying giant, giant, GIANT with varied Read more →
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Your dress is superb, beautifully designed, and I'm certain with Naga and Angeline's help, the electronics will all be working fine. You did a very fine job documenting your dance movements and vocals. And yes, the music always helps propel the body, dance benefits greatly from sound and its rhythmic energy. Can you imagine dancing at a club without music?! One thing to think about: find ways to directly your movement not just to the space that you are physically in, but to the virtual space, across the third space, directed to that kind of mysterious quality of the other side of the digital divide: reacting to Angeline's movement as well. Remember the artist credo: no pain no gain! The process may at times be frustrating but it is always well worth the effort.