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Micro-Project: Dream Journal

Tiffany Anne

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016 - 02:28:39 pm

@ Tiffany Rosete

Task #1

Thinking herself back

I think the piece tries to embody the personal narrative of Angeline’s mother. The piece corresponds with the historical event of the Chinese Civil War. I am really impressed with how the dance incorporates story-telling as well as sound effects that go so well together.

A piece about my father’s absence in life

Reaching for my father beyond the Read more →

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I really liked the way you translated your dreams into dance stories. Very well done!
Statements of Meaning/Questions for the artist: Tiffany, you write:\ "My ear dropped too and I started melting as the shouting got louder." Please bring this into the next dance workshop and we will work from here to explore movement. There is something here you can work with. What is the relationship between melting and and what is happening to you in the dream sequence?
Video Feedback Statements of meaning/questions for the artist: The first video has a lot of interesting movement that you can develop and explore. The beginning with the gestural pouring of the drink and the repetition is interesting. What if you kept the movement but played with the speed at the end?

Micro-Project: Dream Journal

Gladys Loh

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016 - 08:00:57 am

@ sleepygladys

Task #1:

“Thinking Herself Back” is a personal narrative of Angeline Young, using the body to explore the plight of refugees and their displacement. The piece looks almost like a ritual, it being referenced by Daoist ritual practices. The role of the personal narrative brings out the issue further as it is relatable to the artist and this makes it more Read more →

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Ohhhh Gladysss I like your performances very much! Especially your expression when you pull out a punch to kill the 'ghouls' at 0:35, and how you slowly back away to show how terrified you were in 0:10 of the next video. XD
Website task Gladys, you asked me: "How did you come up with the motifs for the piece?" What do you see as the motifs in the piece? Dream journal Gladys, your first dream has a lot of emotion. How many gestures can you create to express this one emotion? What do you picture yourself wearing as you make these gestures? The second dream of being a soldier is fascinating because for me, it is not typically a role that you see a woman in. Can you describe what you were wearing? From your movements in the dream, would I be able to tell that you were a soldier? If you were to enact this piece with the other 5 performers, how might you begin? You write: "Then, someone screwed up and knocked down a Pepsi can." This is a notable moment for me because you set up the scene and use the word stealth...I can almost hear the sound.
Statements of meaning/questions for the artist: in the second video, I love the time you take to be in the space and to be with your body. I also love the gesture of the hands to the chest/heart and your use of space running. What is the relationship between these gestures and the narrative? I would like for you to take this sentence: "Gravity was no longer holding Earth in place and I saw a school bus lit on fire, as it got dragged slowly into the solar sky" and bring it to our next workshop. We will make movement with it. Well done.

Micro-Projects: Glitches Aberrations


Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 - 06:42:02 pm

@ Charlene

This is the original image I worked on which is a picture of some traditional Chinese paintings in my house.

I created a few copies of the image in case I broke the file…which I did…quite a few times…

Somehow, I’ve only managed to create horizontal bar glitches so far.

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Good start. We'll continue this project in class and explore ways to break down the image further and get different results. Take a look at some of the other projects and see all the variations. It definitely requires much trail and error, and of course the errors are what we are looking for with glitch!

Micro-Projects: Glitches Aberrations

Feliciana Natali

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 - 03:41:06 pm

@ Feligood

TextEdit Result

At first, It was so hard to make it entirely different from the original image. What happened was some parts of the picture moved or were copied to the other parts of the image. There were no change in color or pattern whatsoever. After some times, finally, the color changed!!!! Rejoice rejoice! So what I did Read more →

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You are very resourceful! Clearly you got more dramatic results out of the glitch tool, but we will discuss how tools that yield specific results, as well as plugins, are not exactly what the glitch artists like Rosa Menkman have in mind. Glitch making requires a lot of trial and error, experimentation to obtain surprising and unexpected results. The problem with glitch tools is that they tend to be more predictable, but we will discuss.

Micro-Project: Glitches Aberrations

Gladys Loh

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 - 03:23:10 am

@ sleepygladys

Glitch using TextEdit

Original Image

Experimenting with different combinations of colors

More abstraction (more tiny glitches)

Complete Abstraction

Glitch using Photoshop

Original images

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Ehhhh how did you glitch with photoshop??? I want to try with colours tooooo!
Gladys, you described the power of glitch extremely well: it allows us to produce things we may have never imagined, going beyond the imagination into new, fertile, artistic territory. I too am interested in how you produced glitches in Photoshop. Let's talk about how some glitch techniques can produce errors, while others produce expected results, though I am not sure you were using filters in your Photoshop experiment.

Micro-Project: Glitched Aberrations

Ong Xin Hong

Friday, Feb 12, 2016 - 06:41:48 pm

@ Oxhrene

How to create glitch on mac and windows

I wanted to glitch more images, but the glitch did not work on every images and I wonder why…if anyone know why I couldn’t glitch images the same way I did as referenced from the link above, please leave a comment below! Many thanks ~

So I found out how to glitch more images by editing only Read more →

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Xin Hong, depending on where you cut and paste, the images will come out differently. It also depends on how much you cut. Make new copies of your original and keep trying, over time you will get a good feel for it and will be amazed at the results.
Your second attempt is excellent. Yes, it does require experimentation, finding different locations in the file to cut and paste, but of course each file is different so there is really no way to predict the results. That is the beauty and power of glitch!

Micro Project: Glitched Aberrations

Tiffany Anne

Friday, Feb 12, 2016 - 12:21:30 am

@ Tiffany Rosete

Glitching an image (with Glitch Tool)

I tried glitching on a bigger file without the glitch tool so its clearer and takes a while longer to destroy….

Somehow the video wasn’t able to upload here so here is the link to the video.


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Wow, you did that so quickly! Can you enlarge the images? I am not sure how big your original is but they would look better if they are full sized.
Ahahahahah "Kool-Aid"
Excellent. I feel as though your very straightforward photograph is melting into a sea of abstraction. It's really quite beautiful what you have produced. Every time you experiment with glitch the results get more interesting, it is a way to generate powerful images that can be incorporated into various projects, and no one will be able to guess how you did it!

Micro-project: Video Double

Yuhao Zhang

Thursday, Jan 28, 2016 - 04:33:12 am

@ Media and Performance by YUHAO ZHANG

Walking in the middle of the night, my alter ego feels most energetic at this time of the day. It is absurd. While nobody but a bunch of crazy dancers hang out on the road where no cars speed. People call it YOLO. I call it dancer’s life to the power of uni life. I feel physically tired actually. Read more →

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Tags: Alter Ego | YOLO
I like the spontaneity of the video, the shadow as double moving into the light. Very poetic. It seems as though the narrative of the piece emerged without planning, just capturing the moment, whatever situation presented itself. Is that the case, was it at all planned?
The video was shot without planning. I guess that spontaneity also showed something about my aspirations - following my passions with greater ease.

Alter ego

Ong Xin Hong

Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 - 03:37:20 pm

@ Oxhrene

In this video, Tiffany and I explore our alter ego — our playful personalities.

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Xin Hong, I already discussed the piece in class, so I wanted to comment on your post itself. Don't forget to create a category called "Micro-project" and assign it to the parent category and your post whenever you hand in a Micro-project assignment. Also, you need to create a featured image: Just take a screenshot of a good frame of the video and use it as the featured image. Let me know if you have any questions!

Micro-Project: Video Double

Feliciana Natali

Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 - 01:51:31 pm

@ Feligood

Chinese Chipmunk

Am I an aspiring chipmunk?

Actually, I simply like chipmunk, and like  chipmunk, I want to be an artist who is fun and happy with artworks which evoke the same bubbly feelings :). And for me, facial expression is a small thing with enormous artistic effect.

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Wonderful way of manipulating your image to transform yourself so playfully into a chipmunk! You very effectively demonstrated the plasticity of the face and its ability to express a range of expression. Very well done!
Thank you so much sir! That was a fun micro-project X)