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Art History // Final words

Lim Ziyu

Saturday, Apr 16, 2016 - 05:02:13 pm

@ ziyuziyuziyu

I am so happy that whatever we visualised have all came into place!

We managed to set-up a picnic setting, and let our classmates participate in the presentation as well!

I am really grateful to have project mates that think alike and work on the same pace!

Thanks Andrew, Chen Yue and Read more →


Art History // Final Presentation

Lim Ziyu

Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 - 06:43:01 am

@ ziyuziyuziyu

Group members: Andrew, Chen Yue, Fern, Ziyu To follow up with my previous post on the ceramics plate, my team and I have decided on the following claim:

The function of Chinese ceramic plates has changed from decorative items to common utilitarian wares over the years.

And below, I will be covering a brief proposal on our concept, some images of the Prototypes that Read more →

Excellent post! I think I finally understand the project: high end Chinese ceramics made affordable through paper plates. Some points to think about: *Chinese ceramics were functional items in the past as well. But, perhaps what you are commenting on is that the luxurious quality of the piece that you saw at the ACM? Some of these enamelled pieces were for royalty. *When might we use these ceramics? CNY? Moon festival? Or, would there be paper plates for the major festivals in Singapore for the four different communities? *What is the significance of using your paper plates as opposed to buying cheap ceramics from Ikea or Daiso? *I appreciate the interesting idea of depicting actual food items and disposable objects--but why? Is your team trying to make us think twice about disposable items? Why the food? Are we to choose certain plates for certain occasions based on the food designs? The plates look lovely and I look forward to seeing them in person!

Art History // Final project_Research

Lim Ziyu

Sunday, Mar 27, 2016 - 02:11:18 am

@ ziyuziyuziyu

Group members: Andrew, Fern, Chen Yue, Ziyu

Our group discussed and decided that we want to expand on the Chinese Ceramics for our final project!

We felt that the Chinese Ceramics in the past and now is really different in terms of functionality. They used to have ceramics as decorations at home on shelves, for offerings, and for storing items, and they are Read more →

Interesting idea to highlight an issue through a ceramic plate! Please google Ai Wei Wei and the Willow Tree Pattern. Also, read about the willow tree pattern in America? I believe the article is called Imagining Cathay. If you can't find it, then email me. Let's think more about the prototype once you have done a bit of research about using ceramic plates to bring up an issue or tell a story.