WEEK 1: Journal

By: Sujatha Meegama |

Last week, we learned about different learning styles from Sir Ken Robinson. How do you learn best?

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I have learned over the years that I am an auditory and visual learner. I learn best when seeing and hearing a topic or idea being explained and expanded upon.
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I am still trying to figure exactly how I learn best today but from my experiences so far, I can say that experiential learning has been the best for me so far. This means actually going out there and using whatever I have learned and applying it. Back in the US, my school, Drexel University, is known for having a cooperative education program which means that most students choose to do various 6-month internships during their time there. I have already done two of these co-ops and have my third to complete when I go back home after my exchange. During my time at my first two co-ops, I’ve noticed that most of what I am learning in the classroom doesn’t really help with what I was doing work wise. While I do understand that I was an intern, there is still some expectation of applying what I am learning in school. It’s important to note that prior to working at these internships, I did have an understanding of the basic foundations of the work I was conducting, which I received from the classroom. Interning just transitions these learnings or theories into practice, which made me understand more on how the field works. Every time I would make a mistake, I would make sure to understand how it occurred and what I can do in the future to prevent it from happening. When it comes to studying for an exam or quiz for my classes, I try to my best to connect what I am reading to real life situations. I am a business major so it’s pretty easy to find real life examples for something like this.
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I find that I learn best through animated videos or documentaries, visuals such as photos may help but they are not as effective as sometimes I do not see the photos in the same way as others. Texts and worksheets are a killer to my learning as I get turned off the moment I see them and will not put in effort in finding out more.

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