Week 4: Presentation on Indian Art (Hindu Temple)

By: Sujatha Meegama |

Below are some questions/points I want you to be aware of as you prepare for your presentation on the Hindu Temple.You are most welcome to talk to me about your presentation over OSS or on Thursdays during office hours (11:00-12:00). If you have any questions, feel free to post them on OSS, so that everyone in tutorials can learn from your questions and my answers. Remember that the Thaipusam festival is taking place this weekend and tomorrow. http://thaipusam.sg

Guidelines for the presentation on the Hindu Temple:

*Choose a Hindu Temple in Singapore (Sri Thendayuthapani Temple or Sri Mariamman Temple).

*If you would like to, you could compare a home altar to a public shrine.

*What is a Hindu Temple?

*What does it look like?

*Who lives there?

*Why do devotees go there?

*What happens there?

*Use all your senses to understand the Hindu temple.

*Talk to devotees, if you can, about their experiences of the Hindu temple.

*Look out for signs about photography. If you don’t see any, ask for permission.

*Remember that you have only 20 minutes for your presentation!

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(Edit) Fernandez Leong
@feliHi Feliciana, I'm fern! I hope this mail gets through! What time will you be going to the museum on Sunday?
(Edit) Sujatha Meegama
Dear Feli, Great question! I am sorry for not updating you all yesterday... Fern (Leong Jun Fernandez) is willing to join team 1. I hear you are all going to the museum this week. So, please reach out to Fern as you, Raj, and Julianna plan your presentation. Do post any questions you have after your visit. best, Sujatha
(Edit) Fernandez Leong
Hi Sujatha, can we burn incense for the presentation this week in order to set the atmosphere of a puja that our team saw?
(Edit) Sujatha Meegama
Yes, you may but let's not publicise it. I am curious: What kind of incense are you burning and where is it from?

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