Week 4: Reading Workshop (Cont.)

By: Sujatha Meegama |

Please post on your team sites the possible answers to the following questions that we could not cover at tutorials today.

Team 1: In contrast to calligraphy and painting, what place does an European engraving occupy?

Team 2:What does the author discover through formal analysis?

Team 3: How can we understand calligraphy in the Mughal context?

Team 4: How can we understand painting in the Mughal context?

Team 5: What is the connection between the arts of calligraphy and painting?

Team 1: Then, what is the relationship between paintings and engravings?

Team 2: How has the incorporation of engravings been understood by previous scholars?

Team 3: What is the relationship between engravings and calligraphy?

Team 4: How does she conclude?

Team: What is her evidence? And, what are her sources?

Mughal Miniature

Mughal Miniature




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