Week 4: Reading Workshop

By: Sujatha Meegama |

Hello Everyone,

While Raj, Fern, Julianna, and Feli are preparing an amazing presentation for us on Hindu art, the rest of us are going to read a wonderful article about Islamic art. Please find the PDF o NTULearn (main lecture site). Below are some questions to help you through the reading. Please bring your own questions about this reading to tutorials next week.

*Who is Yael Rice?

*How does she begin her essay?

*How has previous scholarship approached Mughal painting that depicts the encounter between Western art and Mughal painting?

*In contrast to this, what is Yael Rice focusing on in this essay?

*What is she arguing for?

*What are Mughal albums?

*What is her methodology?

*In contrast to calligraphy and painting, what place does an European engraving occupy?

*What does she discover through a visual analysis?

*How can we understand calligraphy in the Mughal context?

*How can we understand painting in the Mughal context?

*What is the connection between the arts of calligraphy and painting?

*Then, what is the relationship between paintings and engravings?

*How has the incorporation of engravings been understood by previous scholars?

*What is the relationship between engravings and calligraphy?

*How does she conclude?

Mughal Miniature

Mughal Miniature

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