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By: Paul Moody |

Teaching at ADM since 2012 I have 29 years professional film and media production and development  experience at all levels on some 70+ international projects including major feature films, TV drama, TV documentary, promos, advertising and so on.  Highly experienced writer and script editor.  First class track record of successfully developing multiple award-winning and commercially successful talent as producer, fund manager, film commissioner, film school and University professor.  Have worked extensively at the best film schools in the world e.g. the UK National Film and Television School, Polish Film School, La Femis, and so on.  Currently teaching Production I, Production 2 and Documentary Film Production at ADM and supervising FYPs.  Awards have been won by my students both with the course projects and by FYPs I have supervised.  I am a currently practicing professional with live projects in post production that include two feature length documentaries (one in S3D), one art-installation and one art-process documentary.  Graduate of University of London, Goldsmiths’ College, North East Media Training Centre, European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs.  I am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Authority and Commissioner for the Portugal Film Commission with special responsibility for the ASEAN Region and China.  Want to know more?  Get in touch.  pmoody@ntu.edu.sg

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