fragmented narratives

By: Vladimir |

hi everyone, this is from lea:

William Kentridge

(mix of live action and animation installation – animated sequences appear from 5min on)

How we make sense of the world – interview (from 11min on)


documentary about Tabaimo (avalable in ADM library)

intro to Tabaimo’s exhibition MEKURUMEKU

In case you want to see some of Lea’s films/installations:

Sisters (2012)

Splendid Isolation (2010)


also if you are interested in some reading there are two links and also a pdf…..

Virtual Narrations – From the crisis of storytelling to new narration as a mental potentiality
Söke Dinkla

The Art of Narrative – Towards the Floating Work of Art
Söke Dinkla

if you have any questions please let me know..


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