investigating game narratives

By: Vladimir |

Please play the following games for our next session:

Gone Home, Everybody’s Gone to the Rupture or Her Story. You should play at least one of these games before the class. I will pass the osx version of the games to Nath i believe tomorrow. Gone to the rupture exists as a ps4 game and it should in our game lab…

also please think of the following questions when you play these games. we will discuss these questions next class.


1. How are these games different from traditional videogames?

2. How do you feel about the narratives – are they satisfying and engaging to you as a player?

3. Do you feel there’s a strong reason for these stories to be ‘interactive’, or could they be told in a more linear way.

4. If these aren’t traditional games, how are they informed by our knowledge and experience of games?

5. What do they have in common with each other, and/or other narrative games that you’ve played?

6. Each of these games is attempting to bring the process of interaction and the revealing of narrative closer together – how do they succeed and how do they fail?

7. What ideas do you have about new ways to tell stories in games.

And you could also read an article on ‘Gone Home’ if you wish. this is optional.

Family history: source analysis in Gone Home

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