week 3

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Please use some of these notes on narratives to analyze one interactive piece of your choice.
It can be a game, interactive documentary, database narrative or similar. Choose one, and by writing up to a page, blog about how do you see either 3 act structure or Hero’s journey mapped or applied on to a narrative of an interactive piece that you choose. For example: you could use 3 act structure to analyze narrative structure of a game Journey(by thatgame company)
You don’t have to use all the elements of either 3 act structure or hero’s journey.

narrative structures

3 act structure

first act (1X) (beginning) (setup)
– beginning
– inciting action (life will never be the same for the character)
– second thoughts
– climax of act I

second act (2X) (middle) (confrontation)
– Obstacle
– Obstacle
– Midpoint   (big twist)
– Obstacle
– Disaster
– Crisis
– Climax of act 2

third act (1X) (end) (resolution)
– falling action *climax of act 3
– resolution (wrap up/end)



monomyth – hero’s journey
Joseph Campbell

*** Separation ***
from mundane to supernatural, adventure, other world…
– The call for adventure
– Refusal of the call
– Supernatural aid
– Crossing the Threshold
– Belly of the Whale (final separation)

*** Initiation ***
– The road of trials
– The Meeting with the Goddess (ultimate love)
– Woman as Temptress
– Atonement with the Father (center point, confronting the ultimate power)
– Apotheosis (someone dies, period of rest, peace)
– The Ultimate Boon (everything else prepares for this step)

*** Return ***
– Refusal of the Return
– The Magic Flight (different kind of escape, returning against someones will)
– Rescue from Without (getting help from supernatural aid to come back)
– The Crossing of the Return Threshold
– Master of Two Worlds
– Freedom to Live

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