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Crystal Universe x Brilliance of Life


Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 - 06:14:13 pm

@ V N X Y

I have chose to elaborate on the two projects, “Crystal Universe” by TeamLab, and “Infinity Mirrored Room — filled with the Brilliance of Life” by Yayoi Kusama.

Both of the mentioned projects are light installation projects of Japanese origins. Both of them are similar in that they deal with LED lights suspended in a space, and both of Read more →

Nice writeup. These are two of the 'fifty shades' projects, - Can you include links in your post to the previous posts? This is how the 'network of information' can grow. Also add URLs so we can find out more about these works, in particular when you make a direct quote. Finally, add more tags (around 10-12).
nice comparing vivian. I agree with you that Crystal Universe would take a longer time to plan and execute as it is more complicated in terms of the interactive and programming part. However, I disagree with you when you mentioned the TeamLab would take a longer time to communicate. In fact, I think the more professionals there are in a team, the greater the project is because of the synergy in the team.
These 2 projects seems to be similar in the ways they are showcased. The Japanese had always a fascination with technology and imaginative spaces. I believe that the sequences of how the 2 projects are planned very differently. As Kamarule has ponted out TeamLab has to manage a small group (probably of different opinions) while Yayio Kusama has a lot of control over her own project.

Sleeping in the Power Sockets by Candice Ng

Cindy Chan

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 - 03:38:47 pm

@ C I N D Y

Prior to looking at her website and artworks, I’ve done a bit of research on Candice. As I looked into her past working experiences and exhibitions, I find myself searching for more of her works as I like the way how she explore human relations with objects in different mediums.

“She is interested to explore the frameworks of relationships that are negotiated between humans, Read more →

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Nicely written. I was thinking about how contagious yawning can be - - if one person starts, others will soon follow - - do you think this goes for the psychosomatic reaction people have to chocolate or durians as well? How about emotional contagion, does it fit in here?
Definitely. Emotion is contagious in my opinion. When a room is solemn in a funeral for example, the mood is really low and everyone would feel the same. I'm not sure if this relevant but yeah.

The One With Candice Ng


Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 - 10:22:32 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

I always see Candice around in school and wherever we see each other, she will always be the first one to smile, so I smile back. Even though I have never took her class, she seem very nice.

Anyway, when I was looking through Candice’s website, I found Playing The Archive, part of Studio Lab from Penn State. To be honest, Read more →

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Great piece of writing there mr K., congratulations. I hope everyone reads it. The association to Voldemort's split soul blows my mind - let's hear what Candice has to say about it!! PS MFA = Master of Fine Arts ;)
Oh yeah thank you! Yes i realised its a spelling mistake! Its suppose to be MFA. My bad.

The One With The Field Trip To Sonoport


Monday, Feb 15, 2016 - 01:06:36 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

Having the opportunity to go to Sonoport’s office is an eye opener! I am confuse whether to call it a studio or an office. It could be a studio as that is where they make their ‘sound’ happen, but it is also an office as it has a very formal arrangement.

Before the trip, I remember I was imagining how the Read more →

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see email...

The One With The Sonoport


Thursday, Feb 11, 2016 - 04:45:46 pm

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

With more websites that offers free sound and sound effects, do you think Sonoport is affected by this?

In terms of project management, how do the managers ensure everyone have a fair share of work and recognition?

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Questions for sonoport


Thursday, Feb 11, 2016 - 04:45:23 pm

@ Real life

why did you see that Singapore is a good place to have your company, Sonoport?

What do you think of Singapore’s industry?

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Sonoport questions


Thursday, Feb 11, 2016 - 04:17:36 pm

@ Pixel 林

I read an article that sonoport is interested in moblie games and apps, will do you plan on creating a plugin for platforms such as unity and unreal to ease the creation of sound in games? Is the Sonoport platform reliant on the Web Audio API of HTML5?
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Good targeted questions!

Case study: Sonoport

Peng Cheng

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016 - 03:10:42 pm

@ peng0060

The visit to Sonoport opened my eyes on entrepreneurship and the media scene in Singapore.

When arriving at the offices, I am surprised to see such an open office with a small group of people working on very  different aspects of a project.

Sonoport, as a brand, was very clear in its objectives. They are able to clearly recognize their targets audience and Read more →

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Questions on Karst


Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 05:00:58 pm

@ Pixel 林

My questions for Karst is not actually about the film’s subject matter but on the process of the film

How was this project planned from start to finish?

What resources were needed to create this film? were there sponsors for this?

And most importantly

How does this film important to us in terms of project planning? What makes it a good example to study? Is Read more →

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Karst: questions


Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 04:36:01 pm

@ jkoo002

Why was the decision to have no voiceover made? That would have made the story and context much clearer.

How did you find out that a house was going to be built here?

Why choose to tell this story from so many point of views, rather than just follow one perspective from start to finish?

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