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Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 04:05:07 pm


It was such and interesting and unusual topic what inspired you to create a film/documentary like this one?

What was the most challenging thing you encountered on during the process?

How long did the film take to create in total? Including the prep, filming and editing?

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Questions abt Karst


Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 03:42:55 pm

@ chen0907

What was the inspiration and motivation for this idea, why did you start making this documentary?

While in the filming process, will filmmaker affect the peoples who was being filmed in the documentary? If so, how to try to reduce the impact of them and better working with them?

Did you encounter any problems or risks in filming process and how did Read more →

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?? Questions

Kristoffer Wännerdahl

Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 03:07:09 pm

@ K W

A very interesting and clever film that captures a peaceful and seemingly untouched environment in some aspects. I also like how the different relationships are captured. Below are some questions:

How did you come up with the idea of making this movie? Did you have any personal relationship to the “karstic landscape” before you started to shoot the film? What was the most difficult part, planning, filming Read more →
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Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 02:44:29 pm

@ Artefactually Lost

Something that really caught my attention during the film is that while it’s styled to resemble a documentary, the characters in the movie have never looked into the camera or overlaid a narrative to explain their discourse.

My first question:

Were the characters and their actions scripted in general?Follow ups: What was your instinct that you know you have to capture the moments if they Read more →
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Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 02:03:17 pm

@ Ting Chou

After watching the film Karst (2014), there are several points that I am interested to talk about.

Does the concept of planning and building the house  applies to other project planning as well?

Is it trying to tell the relationship between the people and the house?

What is the most challenging part in the production of the film?

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The One With The Questions on Karst


Thursday, Feb 04, 2016 - 12:58:18 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

A very clever use of visuals and human conversation to tell a story. It makes me wonder whether those people who build the house is also hard as Karst. Here are my questions.

Is there any issues in terms of environmental in building a home in the middle of an undisturbed landscape?

Are the workers building the house from Montenegro or Goran Read more →

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Questions for KARST


Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 08:52:29 pm

@ Real life

What was the hardest part in planning for the film? How long did it take to film? Did it go according to what was planned? If not, how did Vladimir go around it.

Karst, terrain usually characterized by barren, rocky ground, caves, sinkholes, underground rivers, and the absence of surface streams and lakes.

I really liked how the title was very direct Read more →

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Good questions and comments!

Questions for KARST

Cindy Chan

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 - 04:30:32 pm

@ C I N D Y

What is the relationship between the man and landscape? What was the formal approach in this film? What are the most impressionistic images in the film?

Just to add,

I like how the filmmaker includes construction work, that are normally perceived as noisy, into the serene countryside and with the help of a native family. I love the scene of the blasting of stones, Read more →

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NIce, I see that your questions focus on the film-making process itself, and the aesthetic that director Vlada might have had as objectives for his documentary project. Or perhaps, objectives that are *in addition* to those of documenting the building of a house? what do you think?

Origami Shadow Art of Actual Faces


Monday, Feb 01, 2016 - 06:31:32 pm

@ chen0907

This is a cool installation art for American Express office lobby. It’s made by artist Kumi Yamashita who experts in creating artworks by using real light and shadow. First he collect photos and profiles of employees as the sources, then work with light shadow and papers to reveal actual faces. During the execution, a kind of mathematical Read more →

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Gosh! This is a very difficult project as each faces is all different! I really like this work as this work is all about the detail in each paper which is important in art making actually. The devil is in the detail they say, well said.
Interesting work, very subtle and nicely unassuming! It made me think of this: "Almost a century earlier, Dayton Miller had proposed to make an audio waveform from the portrait of a woman’s profile, so that “beauty of form may be likened to beauty of tone color, that is, to the beauty of a certain harmonious blending of sounds” ([2] p. 120)." I don't know if you're familiar with Dayton's pioneering work, here's his book (in public domain): 2.Dayton Clarence Miller, The Science of Musical Sounds, (New York The Macmillan Company, 1916),
I think it's an interesting work, requires some time to shape the faces. The idea is simple and cool. However, in my opinion, it is rather simple to copy the idea. I have seen people use different materials to make the shadow of faces. When planning something, there is a question has to be considered, "is it easy to make so that everybody is able to mass produce and make it less valuable?"
The idea is simple to copy, but (as Kamarul pointed out) to do it well - to make the shadow-profile really look like one specific individual, a real technical mastery is involved.
So the value-add lies in the execution, and not in the idea itself. Isn't this very Japanese!!??!

Fragility of Time


Monday, Feb 01, 2016 - 06:24:29 pm

@ chen0907

Flower sculpture by Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil. To form the shape of sculpture, he gets no help from adhesives but just a month long drying process and the intricate weaving pattern. Though the method he uses may be a risk that sculpture would break at any moment. However, it just suits the Read more →

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Another great example of work where the medium is the message. The fragility of the material works well with the concept as you mentioned above. A lot of planning as well i believe.
Beautiful work and the metaphor is there. When planning a project, time and material selections are the consideration, if not, such piece would not be constructed.