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Assignment 3 Part 1


Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 - 04:07:38 pm

@ Josephine

For my first idea, it is actually something I was thinking of pitching for my part-time job at Red Bull, which  would be to create a freshmen care package for the incoming NTU freshmen. As of now they have a moving-in package for those staying in halls but not across the faculties. I am proposing to make a small booklet of Read more →

Pitching of Projects Assignment 3 Part 1


Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 - 02:59:52 pm

@ Real life

Here are some of the projects that I would like to pitch:

Brainwave wonderland

This project would be exploring on controlling things with the mind. The installation will consist of doing several tasks with just the power of our minds. We could light up a room of even create a light show with our brainwaves.

The budget that I might need is maybe Read more →

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Hey Angel! I've always been a fan of theme parks so I find your idea quite cool. This video may help to relate (although I'm not sure if you're going to work on the park alone or rides included!) I personally feel that VR can be personalised too, as individual holders of the device, probably you can think of themes to suit the age groups. LoOoking forward~
Interesting to read your "Brainwave wonderland" idea. There's a field called BCI (brain-computer interfaces) where quite a few music tech people are active. Check I'm currently joining a research team with people at A*star (brain research + EEG + music app --> autism therapy) and there might be a role to play there for someone keen on these matters.

Phasing through the Phases. Assignment 3 Part 1


Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 - 12:03:11 am

@ Pixel 林


For the first part of assignment 3 we were asked to come up with 5 ideas. Here are my ideas in less than 20 words.

Idea 1 : A digital graphic novel. Whats to special about this graphic novel is that it is done entirely in moving pixel art GIFs. This hopefully creates a Read more →

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Good. 1 & 3 could be combined - what is your narrative idea (synopsis)? Maybe 4 & 5 are also possible to combine - how would it work, and how would you make people participate? Indicate which of the five are intended as group works
Hi Permagnus! I have updated the group projects and such. With regards to the narrative idea I was thinking of doing adaptations of Aseop Fables. Or sort of a slice of life story following a standard 3 act structure.

Perfect Pitch Part 2


Thursday, Mar 31, 2016 - 07:54:42 pm

@ Real life

Idea 1(Individual project idea with ADM resources plus an equipment budget of max 500$, plus your own time and effort, over 1 year):

For the first idea, I would like to pitch the idea of creating music with heart beats.

Things that I would need : A heart tracker, a program that can translate the heart frequency to sound frequency, lights and smoke Read more →

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hi Angel, good ideas there. I like 1) the heartbeat idea, and have EKG equipment that could be used in an FYP. it's also perhaps possible to hack a fitbit, as you suggest. For 3), the child (the errant person) would have to wear some form of electronic tracking device, am i right? here's a product to check out:

Perfect Pitch

Peng Cheng

Thursday, Mar 31, 2016 - 06:22:49 pm

@ peng0060

Individual project with $500: Idea 1: I want to create a set of braces for myself, especially when now 3D printing is so advanced. And I would show my research and development so that other people can do it too.

Idea 2: Publish a book with my writings and pictures that I have created.

Project with 5 millions:

Idea 3: I want to create Read more →

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P2 squared


Thursday, Mar 31, 2016 - 04:40:06 am

@ ylim033

Pitch 1 – $500

Shut-Up-Arm: 1) Observation: Slap anyone hard enough and there will be a lag in reaction time of at least 2 seconds. 2) Money will go into buying materials and parts to build this standing machine. Will have modes + timer for full-auto slapping and push-to-slap. 3) Sole purpose is to slap people so they shut up. 4) Perfect for use on babies Read more →

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Quite interesting and invigorating ideas. The first is hilarious, sort-of anti-PC parental guidance. I think it could be a hit (pun intended). Seen some funny videos in socmedia-land, e.g. For serious applications for adults, try MMA. 2) is interesting, points to social activism. For this to work and be sustainable over time, you need to engage with a group. Perhaps Medecins sans frontières / Singapore or similar? 3) game idea seems cool. Can you extend the writeup with more detail. Explain what 'reactionary ethics' is and how this could generate a game mechanics (?) What's the target audience, the platform, timeline for development, and other important supporting information, so that your idea can fly.

Pitcheroos 2.


Thursday, Mar 31, 2016 - 02:33:00 am

@ jkoo002

Pitch 1

For an individual project, I would develop an isometric pixel horror RPG based on the theme of escapism. Would definitely include gore.

Funds for the idea would be used to purchase commercial licenses for required assets, as well as any commercial plugins that may be needed.

Pitch 2

If I had a budget of 5 million, I would Read more →

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OK, all pitches sounds good and all are doable (!). To convince, for each, you need to develop supporting material, such as a timeline (network diagram is preferred) and more detailed idea of the budget ($$ and workhours). Background references are also essential, and (for more business-oriented ideas) a clear idea of the target audience.

The One With The 10 Ideas


Thursday, Mar 31, 2016 - 12:31:39 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

Let’s push myself to the limits. I am going to come up with 10 different projects for the first phase.

The Perfect Modern Chair To design an everyday office chair which adjust according to different people’s back shape. A perfect ergonomics chair which consists of combining the idea of a bean bag and a office chair. In this project I would need Read more →
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Very nice to read, you've certainly pushed yourself to get the creative 'idea generation juices flowing. most of the ideas are feasible, though a few are of course too large for a FYP. #3 and #5 are IM-focussed, and for this reason my favourites. There's a classic piece by Jeffrey Shaw that you should know about, called 'Legible City'. There's current research in interactive sports equipment design that I can recommend you to dive into as well. #6 made me think of the book by Ben Marcus, "The age of wire and string" - - different, but a very inspiring and funny book. #8 might be tweaked towards 'temporary workers from 196 countries in Singapore', to link with your 'hard hat' projects. If you design a community science/ app-based research, it's not necessarily going to take very long time. #10 is closest to what I've seen of your previous work. I think your strength lies in poetic audiovisual environments (w/wo interaction), so this is the direction I would recommend you to go for your FYP.
Re-examining your initial list of 10 project ideas while reading your asg2 report + asg3 pitch. I now understand better how you arrive at the 'heaven ± hell' idea, and want to encourage you to go all-out with this as your FYP. Much background research will be beneficial for you. I would like to recommend looking into the concept of Utopia (as a link or alternative to heaven/hell dichotomy), something I've been fascinated with and in fact brought into the context of a course I gave last year - see slides here:

Perfect Pitch


Friday, Mar 25, 2016 - 01:30:42 am

@ Artefactually Lost

Pitch 1:

Using $500, ADM facilities and a year, I plan to design a first person narrative game that uncovers the mysteries of the other characters in the hospital at night. This would be a solo project and I plan to focus on my strengths (of design and animation) first before tackling on the programming aspect.

Pitch 2:

“Be A Hero” Read more →

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Good that you've made quite detailed timelines - - next step is to use spreadsheet program or even the GanttProject software to develop the schedules in more flexible way. It's easier than you may think. In parallel, work on the budget plan.

Perfect Pitch


Thursday, Mar 17, 2016 - 04:45:57 pm

@ Pixel 林

Pitch 1

To develop an installation project called the “Random Day Generator”, by creating a database of videos taken from all over the world. These videos will then be put into 8 categories from waking up to sleeping with tags such as “Christmas”, “Sports” and so on. Data will then be visualized on screen showing how important Read more →

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The first (1) is quite interesting, the way you combine social media and gallery installation. It's somehow similar in spirit to what Yiting and Danning presented: they're also interested in charting people's (in their case, school kids) life with a massive approach (citizen scientist?), reducing/explaining presenting 'life themes' artistically as film or installation. Could you discuss these ideas with them?