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Assignment 3 Part 2


Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 - 03:01:17 am

@ Josephine

Project 1: Game Installation

For my individual project, I am looking to create an installation based on games, an expansion from a previous idea called Game Face.

It is commonplace for players to record themselves while they’re playing a game and post it online, or even live-stream their adventures on twitch. We watch them react to situations in the game, and Read more →

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hi Josephine (and Darryl), very clear descriptions, and supporting material. One important next detail is to identify Milestones in the timeline. Not too many, maybe 3 or 4. This helps you determine objectives of the various elements in the chart, to portion out the work more evenly in time, and keep you on track (i.e. plan execution controls).

Assignment 3; Pitch ahoy!


Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 - 01:01:04 am

@ V N X Y

“Float Away!” Origami Boats installation

Concept: To display life-sized origami boats at the ADM fountain, adding life to the school and make school a more fun place with such quirky installations that will remind students of “play” and not just work.

“Our differences do not set us apart” Photography installation

Concept: Our rooms are the spaces in which we dwell, and it reflects Read more →

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Hi Vivian, all great, please choose two and put them into I personally like "float away", you must pitch this one :)

The One With The Karst Exhibition


Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 - 12:10:58 am

@ The Anatomy Of Life & Death

Continuing from my previous post on extending a case studies, here is more details of what I am going to propose. Read here for my previous post.

I have chosen to use Vladimir’s Karst documentary as my case study of choice and I am going to extend this film into an exhibition/installation. The motive of the exhibition is simple, Read more →

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Very good analysis + idea for an exhibition, Kamarul. This is your asg2, do speak w prof Vladimir for his input, then format it as a standalone text, submit by 23.4 and you're done.;) PS to answer your question... honestly, i'd love to visit the actual house, speak with the people who built it... the next best thing is certainly visiting your exhibition in Singapore, but NOT because it's 'only 15 minutes'... time is not the issue, but quality and passion are crucial for any work to inspire.
Yes, you are right. Time is not an issue actually if the exhibition is in good quality and people want to stay longer. But I just wanted to get the point across which is that you are able to pick as much as possible by watching the full 1 hour documentary or going through the exhibition, which might or might not be a shorter duration for different individual. I am emailing him now and waiting for his respond. I would love to visit the actual house as well actually! Hence, the layout of the exhibition would mimic the layout of the ambassador's house. Can I include screenshots in the final PDF File? Or the paper need to be just all text?
hi K, sorry saw your questions only now, and after reading your asg2 report. Your presentation is just right in terms of detail, well done.

Phasing through the Phases. Assignment 3 Part 2


Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 - 10:14:23 pm

@ Pixel 林


Welcome back to the next update of Assignment 3. I have narrowed down my Projects to 2. Criteria for selecting these projects out of the 5 were the level of interest I had and how feasible it was to accomplish in a year.



This is the story about a pair of young Read more →

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Very nice! Rich, continuous documentation of your sprouting ideas.

Assignment 3: Phase 3


Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 - 09:31:43 pm

@ Ting Chou

So, I narrow down to 2 ideas. Here are the sneak peak. Slides will be added after the presentation.

A competition of a social experiment

A documentary of a competition based on a social experiment. 3 candidates (target on primary school kids). Game rule: give each of them $100. We will document the process and see after one year who will make the good Read more →

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great, i've added titles here: your slides will have WBS, timeline, and budget?

Assignment 3: Phase 2


Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 - 09:23:22 pm

@ Ting Chou

Duo project idea using typical ADM resources with budget of max 500$, over 1 year: A competition of social experiment. 3 candidates (target on primary school kids). Game rule: give each of them $100, then we have $200 left, that will be the award for the person won in the game. We will document the process and see after one year who will Read more →
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Assignment 3: Phase 1


Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 - 03:26:22 pm

@ Ting Chou

This is the development from the previous 2 ideas, and  add some new ideas for the project pitches.

 An interactive wall built up by boxes. By moving the boxes, you can generate sound and light. It is to simulate how we deal with people the when in the public space, for instance, in the crowded train.  People need some personal space but Read more →
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Asgn. 3 part 1: More pitching ideas

Cindy Chan

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 - 12:48:30 am

@ C I N D Y

Here are 5 of my ideas for ‘ the perfect pitch’ assignment 3:

Heartbeat pillow It is a project aiming to connect long distance lovers. Each person has a pillow for their bed and a chest sensor which they wear to sleep at night. The chest sensor wirelessly communicates with the other persons pillow; when one person goes to bed, their lovers pillow begins Read more →
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The heartbeat pillow seems an original idea - the Internet of things, a physical, tangible evidence of remote proximity and e-relationships. This could definitely develop into something interesting. The other ideas are OK too, though they are in comparison more conventional. #2 is worthwhile as a topic though I think it is difficult to do, unless you are already well-read on the topic and prepared to work with the delicate equation art + activism --> Singapore. But what happened with your idea of an installation of a "wall of inflating plastic bags"? I thought that was very promising..
Ok so in these days of wwww it didn't take Long to find that the remote-pillow for lovers idea already exists, it's an award-winning project by Joanna Montgomery from 2010 ( that is currently being commercialised ( Since it was so easy to find these, I'm surprised if you didn't know about it when you posted the pitch. But if you did, why didn't you include the references? I'm confused, please explain..
Note that the Little Riot /Montgomery pillow is based on transmitting the sound of heartbeat.... It's essentially a sonic communication. That's why it works. Sound is everywhere, sound is important. Cindy, pay your ears some attention, close your eyes and only listen... Do it often, do it regularly. Truly original ideas can be found this way.
Thanks for the valuable input! I wasn't aware of award winning project prior to this. A friend of mine explained this interesting idea to me while we were overseas and since then I didn't went to search it on the web. Maybe I'll replace this idea with the 'wall of inflating plastic bags' instead. For #2, I've been reading articles on the term and they are many different views about it. But it's worth a try though, since i'm really interested in it.
:) sounds good!

Thinking out of the Box, Guest Lecture Justin Tan


Monday, Apr 11, 2016 - 11:50:49 am

@ Pixel 林


Being your everyday BFA student, I am pretty much sheltered from the “Money Realities” of the real world. That is not to say I don’t earn my own money to sustain myself and pay my own bills, but what Justin Tan describes is an eye opener.

Starting an Indie GameDesign Studio is a whole different ball game from what Read more →

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Justin reminded us that doing a startup or going indie is a big step into the dark, but also, that it CAN be done! Above all, I believe he wanted to emphasise how important it is to believe in oneself and one's abilities. Many artist-designers fly solo for some time, a couple of years, perhaps when they're younger. For example, I was self-employed 1995--2004, living on mixed-source income, from royalties, commissions, and the occasional grant. Choosing this career path not only gave me wonderful experiences, but also knowledge that couldn't have been gained otherwise. I didn't aim for the money, truly it was passion for the arts in particular music that kept me going. Some people do keep on decades working solo - it's a matter of temperament, and also talent, persistence, and luck. I suppose you never quite know what will happen once you decide to start out..!

More pitching


Saturday, Apr 09, 2016 - 11:06:11 pm

@ Artefactually Lost


“A game with no rules” Traditionally, games have a fixed storyline and players play it through the end, overcoming obstacles along it’s path. For this game, the “no rules” aspect enables the character to have choice to build it’s own story and discovering how their choices affects the game end.


“Finish it up!” I would Read more →

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I like all the ideas, and think that 2 & 4 would be quite feasible. Especially #2 rings a bell with matters that I've been investigating about multi-modal perception of eating-places (food courts, restaurants, cafés etc). Check #1 is radical, but how would it work? Is there anything, anywhere, without rules –?