Asg1: Fifty shades of project management

This assignment is based on the approximately 50 “interesting projects” that you selected at the beginning of the course. Use the OSS system to:

  • write a short statement (~ 20 words) to say what it is about this project that attracts your attention and curiosity
  • attach appropriate tags to each of the projects;
  • read all the statements about the projects;
  • write comments to at least 3 other projects that you are positively interested in, and express why;
  • write comments to at least 1 other project that you think is uninteresting, immoral, failed or otherwise negative, and explain why;

Write a “hyper-essay” of around 500 words that compares two of the projects, setting them up against each other, or drawing parallels. Consider aspects relevant to project management, such as: scope, scheduling, budget, life-cycle, and projects objectives (that is, your analysis). Submit to OSS by session 6.

Include the category “fifty shades” in EVERY comment and post that you make.

Write brief (~50 words) and constructive critiques of the hyper-essays by at least two class-mates and post them (as comments) by session 7 (last week before recess).

This assignment will be assessed according to an evaluation of:

  • your activity at classroom exercises;
  • your OSS contributions e.g. posts and comments

In all, it carries a weight of 15% or less of the total grade.