12 – Tan: game design

Planning for successful game design: things to do and not to do

Justin Tan is a game designer, developer and the co-founder of Independent Game Studio Ludochip. He graduated from ADM Interactive Media 2011. He is part of the GAMBIT-MIT GameLab program alumni (now the Game Innovation Programme at SUTD). He has developed Cubetractor, which won the “Best Game” at the Independent Game’s Festival, Shanghai, in 2012. The game was launched in 2013, and is available on Steam as well the Humble Bundle Store. (see e.g. URL http://store.steampowered.com/app/235720/, http://gamelab.mit.edu/interview-with-ludochip/). At this guest lecture, Justin will describe the conceptualisation, development process, and launch of a game. He will share his experiences from the planning process and the challenges faced working as a game designer, working both solo, and in multi-disciplinary teams together with illustrators, animators, and programmers.

Wednesday 6 April, 4.45–6.15 pm in 1-11a

To prepare for Justin’s talk, check his webpages above (and other you will find), and post one question for him with the tag “case studies”.