5 – SonoPort: revving up the web

This case study is in fact a visit to SonoPort, a company with offices at Fusionopolis. We will meet the co-founder and partnership director Fredrik Broström who will talk about “the story” of SonoPort: the initial ideas, how the startup got off the ground, what the initial hurdles were and how these were overcome. The purpose is to better understand the principles that someone should consider when deciding to create a start up or not and what type of start up to create if they decide they want to. We might also meet other SonoPort people, including Sara Lenzi, Aysha Aquila, and Rob Adlington.

More information will follow.

To prepare, visit the webpages at www.sonoport.com.When you view their various projects, reflect upon:

  •  their branding concept – who are their clients?
  •  their technological “cutting edge” – what’s under the hood?
  • what sets SonoPort apart from the competition? what is the competition? how do you understand the niche within which the company is active?

Before the visit, generate and post on OSS two questions that you would like to ask Mr Broström. Tag them with category = SonoPort. Be sure to formulate each question well, make sure that it is specific to SonoPort (include links if needed), and choose topics that you are genuinely keen on knowing more about.