Assignment 3

today – perfect.pitch

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Hi everyone, I notice lots of emails this morning – great! I’ll try to read all through before my other class starts (1-4pm). For practical purposes this evening,  use the Google spreadsheet we started on several weeks ago, and update it with titles + short descriptions.  – see you 4.30pm, presentations start 5.00pm

perfect pitches

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The course DM3010 Project Development & Planning is coming to its end, with the last regular session taking place this week. I wish to highlight the generous contributions by my colleagues: the ‘guest speakers’, Candice, Vlada, Louis-Philippe; the ‘hosts’ at our two excursions, Sara, Rob at SonoPort, and Zul, Sayeedah, Philip at CCA; our ‘outside-class’… Read more »

this week (12)

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Dear all, do not miss the guest lecture with Justin Tan, Wednesday 5.00pm (note the time! and your small preperatory task) – Thursday regular session we will dedicate entirely to ‘pitching practice’. Be sure to prepare, for each pitch (you must work out at least two in detail by now), the requested supporting graphic… Read more »

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this week

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This is a gentle reminder of this weeks topics, as outlined on OSS and communicated previously. Review of all the Ramroth readings (there will have to be an emphasis on budget & scheduling, since several people missed session 9); Practical work i.e. ‘pitching practice’…!, preparing assignment 3 (due 14 April, next week); Discussion and… Read more »

Perfect pitching makes practice

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Hi all, the videos of yesterday practice-presentations will appear here: It is a ‘private youtube playlist’ – let me know if you can access, but it should not be visible ‘to the world’ Take some time to view yourself (and others!?), reflect on the comments and discussion we had in the group. Consider ways… Read more »

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this week – perfect pitch makes practice

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In addition to the Ramroth reading, prepare three (3) potential idea-topics as part of the ‘perfect pitch’ assignment. Two can be the same as last week. Your *new idea* should be posted on OSS as 30-word concept. develop one individual project idea using typical ADM resources plus an equipment budget of max 500$, plus your… Read more »

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This week, three things

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Dear all, reminder about this week’s three things: Ramroth reading – chapter 8 – and the quiz! Practice makes perfect presentation skills – you must outline and prepare 2 project ideas (as described in previous message); Guest speaker – assoc. prof. Dr Louis-Philippe Demers, senior IM faculty and one of the most experienced artists in… Read more »

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