Perfect pitching makes practice

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Hi all,

the videos of yesterday practice-presentations will appear here:

It is a ‘private youtube playlist’ – let me know if you can access, but it should not be visible ‘to the world’

Take some time to view yourself (and others!?), reflect on the comments and discussion we had in the group. Consider ways to improve your presentation skills, in terms of:

  • use of time allocated (short!)
  • voice (words, flow, clarity, articulation, loud enough?)
  • use of visual resources (white board, slides, objects)
  • body language, in particular how you stand, walk, and use your hands
  • other skill-related things you can think of

And then, as you watch, ask yourself:

  • is my presentation convincing?
  • are my ideas coming through?
  • do I support my ideas with the right amount of detail?
  • … (other content-related things you can think of)?

Lastly, consider the details of the project itself. Should development be continued, modified, cut in half, or trashed? Decide!… and justify your choice.

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(Edit) Kamarule
I cant seem to access it. It says i had authentican error. Maybe try my other email

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