pitching with camera!?

By: permagnus |

I didn’t hear back from anyone on whether it was useful for you to view / review yourself pitching… yes?!


If you found it meaningful, we’ll continue with camera this week. Reply to this post with your comments!

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(Edit) Kamarule
Yeah i watched it and it feels weird looking at myself though. The audio is not too clear though. But importantly is the body language. I have picked up some things that I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't being recorded.
(Edit) permagnus
good feedback & reflections. i agree the audio is bad - that's something to consider for another occasion, right? one thing is the low quality of the camera, a fairly noisy room - but also, recall that more than one person said you could 'speak up' more..!
(Edit) Cindy Chan
I felt weird watching myself presenting as well. I think through the video it made me realised some of the small actions or repetitive words that I might not notice at the point of time. Possible to get a camera with better audio?

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