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Welcome back from Recess! In the second part of the semester, we will keep our eyes peeled onto session 12 (7 April), which is going to be a “pitching session”. It is framed as your assignment 3. In order to prepare for that, you will need to build your ‘presentation skills’ and ‘public talk muscles’. There will be plenty of opportunity to try different ways of making a presentation – we tried last week some impromptu ‘exuberant’ styles with a tinge of theatricality. This is one way of loosening up and finding new ways about it. Moving on from there, and gradually honing in to what might be YOUR style of doing an effective presentation, is the central task of the next five weeks.

The coming week, prepare material for TWO  projects: one individual, one together with another person. One of these should be of  REASONABLE scope (potentially doable as an FYP) in terms of budget, schedule, and various resources. The other project presentation should be very large, SPECULATIVE, enormously expensive, or in any way ‘breaking the boundaries’. For example, you can choose any of the ‘fifty shades’ projects as your starting point, or some other project you have in mind (including of course your own ideas for an FYP, but prepare to be very flexible about it).

So, your “individual project” might be ‘speculative’, and your “group/pair project” might be ‘reasonable’. Or the other way around. But you must be very clear which way it goes.

Before class, prepare a SINGLE sentence (max 20 words) describing each of the two projects. You can also (optionally) prepare a SINGLE  ‘slide’ to show during your presentation. Each presentation will be maximum 90 seconds (it’s short!). Prepare mentally for being asked by me to ‘perform’ your presentation in perhaps slightly odd and unusual ways.

There will be 15 individual and ~8 pair-projects. Not all might be tested this week, but everyone shall get a chance to try use their voice.



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