This week, three things

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Dear all, reminder about this week’s three things: Ramroth reading – chapter 8 – and the quiz! Practice makes perfect presentation skills – you must outline and prepare 2 project ideas (as described in previous message); Guest speaker – assoc. prof. Dr Louis-Philippe Demers, senior IM faculty and one of the most experienced artists in… Read more »

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Fifty shades – key concepts

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I’ve made another round of close reading of your project analyses, focusing on the ‘CONCEPTS’ you mention that define similarities and differences between each pair of projects. It is an open question exactly what constitutes a ‘concept’. I’ve started out by keeping the selection of what to include quite broad. SO in the first harvest,… Read more »

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Reminder about Thursday class: Read Ramroth, chapter 3, then do the quiz!!! at Add tags (10+ for each!) to your own 3 of the “fifty projects”, and then read + comment on the others’ proposed projects. Prepare for “Karst” by viewing it (password is ‘nyon’) and post 3 questions with category: Karst.

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