This week (11 Feb) – IMPORTANT

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Dear all, important information – please make sure everyone receives it!

I’ve booked a van to take us to Fusionopolis to visit SonoPort Pte Ltd. Meet up at the usual classroom 4.30, usual time. The van picks us up at 4.45pm. Return trip leaves Fusionopolis at 7.15pm.

Joining the van transport is optional but if you DON’T plan to use it you MUST let me know in advance!! And you are then yourself responsible for travels and to be IN TIME at SonoPort – no excuses for being late.

To prepare, spend a moment with their webpages:, and prepare one good question to pose the co-founder, Fredrik Broström (

A reminder (in parallel) read the Ramroth chapters 4 and 10, and do the two quizes (links at the “readings” OSS page).


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(Edit) Danning
Hello, Prof. Can I not joining the return trip? as I'm not going back to NTU after class. But I will join the van from NTU to Fusionopolis
(Edit) Chou
Sorry take back my words! I will be joining the school transportation.

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