Silk Screen update

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

All of our screens are ok, and the smudging is due to paper and screen being too tight and too flushed together when printing.

I have gone to a supplier- and they confirmed our screens are ok.

The issue of smudge is the way we print- there are few small steps when printing that we should do.

Please note that next week we will be printing in class using the same screens from this week

  • If  anyone would want to do a new design for tote bag- you are more than welcome. We have enough chemical for re-coating and re-exposing the same screens. But each new design would need new transparencies (doubled up the same transparency with the same image; ensure that the image is solid opaque black and white or halftone for gray -no Gray values!) Any gray on your screen will NOT expose only black and white. Chemical reacts with light and hardens on white creating negative stencil; Black protects your image resulting that the chemical does not react with light- allowing to dissolve with washing leaving a positive stencil – the image you want
  • Too fine detail might not develop- but the best is to try
  • Whoever wants to print the old design and reuse the same screen to do new design- also can. The screen can be reclaimed – by washing and new design can be done during class.

For resolution- I have  RE- attached handout from the OSS on how to get HR image Google_Search_HR_images

If you are not sure please let me know and email me image


Thank You so much!

See you next Monday


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